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How many fires does the US experience in a year?

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How many fires do lightning make a year in the us?


How many gas fires purchased per year in the US?


How many people die in fires in the US each year?

3000+ die each year over 30,000 are injured each year.

How much does the US spend a year on wild fires?

$9990 a year and i rock

How many pets are injured or die in fires in the US?


How many deaths are caused by fires in the US?

45 trillion

Are forest fires in the US common?

Forest fires can happen anywhere

How many people a year in US die from smoking?

None. People don't die from smoking:People die from cancer and other forms of lung disease resulting from smoking.People die from heart disease as a result of smoking.People die in fires as a result of burning cigarettes causing trash can fires or fires in bed.

Are forest fires common to the US?


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What US state has the most house fires?


How do firefighters put out computer fires?

us air

Which holiday are the most fires reported according to the us fire administration?

The Fourth of July is the holiday that the most fires are reported.

What class of fire is a deep fryer firer?

Cooking oil and fat fires are considered class K fires in the US.

How many people die in fires each year in the US?

4,000 1 person dies every 2 hours for a total of 4380 per year, and that's just the people that die on the scene of the fire, that doesn't include the ones that die later due to injuries.

How many houses burn down each year in the US?

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is quoted as saying that there are about 475,000 total structures lost to all fires. This includes more than just houses.

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i think it 55,000 people visiting US a year.

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almost 10,000 crashes occur in us in a year

What is the number one cause of forest fires?

According to the US forest service 80% of all wild fires are caused by lighting.

What human activities can result in secondary succession?

us causing forest fires chopping down a forest NUKING it and many others

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