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How many first round draft picks do the Philadelphia Eagles have currently in the 2009 NFL draft?

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Well i am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan but they Have 2 First round draft picks (one from Carolina and one from their own) i am hoping they draft someone good....and get Brandon Jacobs as their fullback and tj housmanzadah...something like that for Donovan Mcnabb

The Eagles have 11 draft picks as of the Lito Shepherd trade to the Jets


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What year was Reggie White drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles?

Reggie White was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 1984 NFLSupplemental Draft.

Who was the first player ever selected in the NFL Draft?

The first person taken in the nfl draft was in 1937 by the philadelphia eagles halfback from the university of Chicago Jay Berwanger

Who did the Philadelphia Eagles select in the first round in the NFL draft of 2009?

Jeremy Maclin form the Missouri Tigers!

Who was the first person selected in the 1936 NFL draft?

Halfback Jay Berwanger was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles #1 overall.

Was John Madden the on the first NFL team ever?

No, Madden was a 21st round draft choice of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958. The NFL's first season was 1920.

Who was the first Philadelphia Eagles coach?

Bert Bell was the original coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933. He played football himself at the University of Philadelphia as the quarterback.

Who was the first owner of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Bert Bell

Saints first win in 1967?

Philadelphia Eagles

Where did the Philadelphia Eagles first play in the NFL?

The Philadelphia Eagles were an expansion team that joined the NFL in 1933. They played their 1933 home games at the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia.

Who did the Philadelphia 76ers draft in the first round of the 1980 college draft?

Andrew Toney

What was the first player drafted by the Eagles in the 2007 Draft?

The Eagles did not have a first round choice in the 2007 NFL draft. Their first choice was in the 2nd round, the 36th overall pick, and they selected quarterback Kevin Kolb out of the University of Houston.

When was the Philadelphia Eagles first season in the NFL?

The Eagles joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1933.

Philadelphia Eagles who was first black to player for eagles was it Eddie bell from penn?

Ralph Goldston

Why do the philadelphis eagles get the Carolina Panthers first round pick?

Prior to the 2008 NFL draft, the Panthers traded their first round choice in the 2009 draft along with a 2nd and 4th round choice in the 2008 draft to the Eagles for the Eagles first round choice in the 2008 draft, the 19th overall choice. The Panthers used the selection to choose offensive tackle Jeff Otah from the University of Pittsburgh.

Who was the first player taken in the first nfl draft?

The first NFL draft was held in 1936. The first player chosen was Jay Berwanger from the University of Chicago by the Philadelphia Eagles. Berwanger was the Heisman Trophy winner in 1935. He wound up choosing not to play pro ball and never played a down in the NFL.

What team won the first NFL game?

philadelphia eagles

Who was the Philadelphia Eagles first head coach?

Lud Wray

Who was the Philadelphia Eagles first running back?

not Lesean McCoy

What was the first team that Brian Westbrook played for?

Brian Westbrook started his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and played as an Eagle from 2002-2009. Brian is currently a free agent.

Who was the first player drafted in the NFL draft in 1936?

The first person to be drafted in the inaugural NFL college draft in 1936 was halfback Jay Berwanger by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles traded the rights to Berwanger to the Chicago Bears, but he never signed with the team, and never played a down in the NFL. Berwanger was also the first recipient of the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy, which was renamed a year later as the Heisman Trophy.

How many first round draft picks do the lions have currently in the 2009 NFL draft?


Who did the Eagles draft in the first round of the 2006 draft?

Defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley of Florida State with the 14th overall pick

Who was the quarter back to make it to the first eagles Super Bowl?

The quarterback for the first Philadelphia Eagles super bowl appearance was Ron Jaworski.

What year was Donovan McNabb drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles?

Donovan McNabb was a first round choice of the Eagles in 1999.

Who did the Cleveland Browns play in their first NFL game?

Philadelphia Eagles

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