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How many fish years equals a human year?

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It takes 16 fish years to equal one human year. The life expectancy of most fish tends to be very short.

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How many dog years equals one human year?

a human year equals three dog years. but moslty we say the age in human years

How many human years equals 1 lizard year?


How many dog years equals a human year?

1 year = 7 dog years.

How many guinea pig years equals 2 human years?

One human year is equal to 10-12 guinea pig years

How many fish years equal human years?

Most fish only live 3 years, so that's about an equivalent of 24 human years to one fish year. MOST fish only live 3 years. Goldfish can live 20 years or more. It depends on the fish you have. Some are one year, while others are 30 years.

How many years of human life equals one cat year?

Approximately 7 human years equal one cat year.

How many betta fish years equal human years?

1 betta year is 20 human years ruoghly, 2 betta years is 40 human years 3 betta years 60 human years 4 successful betta years=80 in it

How many dog years equals a human years?

One Year For Us is Seven Years for Dogs. I changed this because the old answer sucked.

How many dog-years are it in one year?

The popular comparison is one human year equals seven dog years.

What happen to fish if human become fish?

fish become many =.=!

How many cat years equals one year?

A 1-year-old cat has reached adulthood, the equivalent of 18 human years.

How many years of a human's life equals 1 year ofa dog's life?

1 human year is equal to 7 in dog years

909814300 seconds equals how many years?

909,814,300 seconds equals 28.85 years.

One half a century equals how many years?

One half a century equals 50 years as a century equals 100 years.

How many duck years equal 1 human year?

One human year equals 4 duck years. so if your 25 in human years your 29 in duck years

How many cat years is in one human year?

One cat year equals one human year. Cat/dog years are a myth, as diffrent breeds, and individuals within breeds, grow at diffrent rates.

5.25 millennium equals how many years?

A millennium equals 1000 years, so 5.25 millennia equals 5.25 millennia x 1000 years per millennia, which equals 5,250 years.

Century equals how many years?

100 years

How many years a fish lives?

commet fish live for 50 or 60 years

How many years do fish live up to?

80 years old (forgot what fish thuogh) 80 years old (forgot what fish thuogh)

How many Hamster years are in one Human year?

I figured this out.......... its 30 years in human years;)

180 months equals how many years?

15 years

5 oz can of tuna fish equals how many cups?


Four score and 7 equals how many years?

4 score and 7 equals- 87 years. A score is 20 years.

How many cat years is one human year?

Cats and Humans mature at different ages relatively, so it's not each cat year equals a different number of human years.This online tool does all the calculation for you to Convert between Cat and Human years: your cat was 18 years old it would be 126 years old if it were a human. This related link will show you a chart: