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How many foots is in one yard?

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Feet* and three feet in a yard

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How many foots are in 3 yards?

1 yard = 3 foots 2 yards = 6 foots 3 yards = 9 foots . . etc.

How many foots in a meter?

There is roughly 3.281 feet in one meter, so 1 meter is roughly over a yard.

How many foots in a 3 yards?

9. One yard has 3 feet. So, if you multiply that by the number of yards in total, you would get 9.

How many foots in 15 yards?

3 feet = 1 yard 45 feet = 15 yards

One meter is how many foots?

One meter is 3.28 feet.

How many 3 yards equal how many foots?

1 yard = 3 feet 2 yards = 6 feet 3 yards = 9 feet

How many foots is in 0.1 miles?

1 mile = 5,280 foots 0.1 mile = 528 of them

1 square yard how many sq foots?

3 ft/yd x 3 ft/yd = 9 sq ft/ sq yd.

How many yard does one square yard equal?

One square yard is just that. One yard wide by one yard long. It is one square yard.

When did Walter 'Foots' Thomas die?

Walter 'Foots' Thomas died in 1981.

When was Walter 'Foots' Thomas born?

Walter 'Foots' Thomas was born in 1907.

What are foots?

FOOTS are Maria! Foots are also called Feets. Foots are ugly, old, and too dirty! Hahahahaha, it is so funny! TY Maria Judette....

How many bones in ankle and foot?

There are 26 in total but in one foot so in to foots there will bee 52

How many square meters are in 1600 square foots?

1600 square feet (not foots!) = 148.6449 sq metres (to 4 dp)

How many feet are in 1 yard and what part of a yard is one foot?

There are three feet in one yard and one foot is one third of a yard.

What is a foots palm called?

a foots palm is called the arch in your foot a foots palm is called the arch in your foot

How many kilometers in one yard?

In one yard, there are about 0.001 kilometers.

How many cm in one yard?

91.44 centimeters is in one yard

How many foots is there in a meter?

There are 3.28 ft in 1 m

How many ft in a yard?

there are 3 feet in one yard

Who many feet in a yard?

Three feet in one yard.

How many mm in a yard?

One yard equates to 914.4mm

How many inches on a yard?

There are 36 inches in one yard.

How many metres make one yard?

One yard is equal to 0.9144 metres.

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