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How many former University of Texas players are currently in the NFL?

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There are 33 current NFL players from the University of Texas.

Most notable are Vince Young, Nathan Vasher, Shaun Rogers, Derrick Johnson, Priest Holmes, Michael Griffin, Quentin Jammer, and Aaron Ross.

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How many former Texas aggie players are currently in the nfl?


How many active NFL players does university of Texas have?

The Universy of Texas, Austin currently has 33 players on NFL rosters.

List former university of Texas quarterbacks?

Former Texas Longhorn Quarterback from San Angelo

What college has the most pro football players from it?


How many university of Texas players were selected in the 2010 NFL draft?

6 Univ of Texas players were selected in the 2010 draft.

Where is former university of Texas quarterback major applewhite?

James Brown

School with most NFL players in the secondary?

The University of Texas

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How many University of Texas college football players have gone on to play in the NFL?

Since the Draft was instituted in 1936 311 Texas players have been drafted.

How many players from the university of Texas made the NFL hall of fame?


How many students are enrolled at University of Texas Austin?

how many students are currently enrolled in the univesity of Texas in Austin

What university has the second most active players in the NFL?

University of Miami and University of Texas are tied with 40 each. LSU is first with 41.

How many University of Texas players were drafted by the NBA in 2007?

The only player from the University of Texas selected in the 2007 NBA Draft was Kevin Durant by the Seattle Supersonics.

What happened to former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf?

Ryan Leaf is currently the golf coach at West Texas A&M college in Canyon. Texas.

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Haley Stephens is a amateur golfer who currently attends the University of Texas.

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Texas is the State that has sent the most players to the NFL. 2,198 football players have come from the Lone Star State (Thru the 2013 season). Currently California is the State with the highest number of active players, with 239 Californians currently playing in the NFL.

What college had the most players drafted by the NFL in one year?

The University of Texas. 1984 draft.

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