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Q: How many forms of ID for travel to Mexico?
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Can you go to Mexico with just two forms of id?

No. You need a passport.

Can you travel to Mexico with DUI?

Yes, provided you have a passport (flying into Mexico) or an ID/birth certificate (entering by land into Mexico).

What you need if you travel to Mexico?

A passport (air travel) or ID/birth certificate (land travel) and some money to spend are all you need.

Can you travel to Mexico by land without a us passport?

Yes. You only need a birth certificate and or ID.

Do you need a birth certificate and passport to travel to Mexico?

No. A passport is sufficient to travel to Mexico. A birth certificate is not valid for international travel. If you are traveling by land or sea, then you can enter Mexico with a US passport card, "enhanced" drivers license or "enhanced" non-driver ID.

What are the requirements for travel between Mexico and US?

It depends: Air From US to Mexico: passport From Mexico to US: passport AND visa Land From US to Mexico: ID and/or birth certificate From Mexico to US: passport AND visa

If you are a Mexican citizen traveling by plane or bus within Mexico and are not leaving the country do you you need an ID?

There are a couple of answers for you but no matter what you need an ID for all answers I'm about to give. If you travel by bus, or any automotive you need a U.S. Naturalization Citizenship document and if you travel by plane or boat you need a passport POSTER: In response to your question. So, if you are a U.S. citizen, once you are actually in the country of Mexico, you still need to provide ID to go from one part of Mexico to another? What if you are a Mexican citizen who ONLY wants to travel within the borders of Mexico. Would he need an ID?

Can you use an expired passport to travel form Mexico to another part of Mexico?

This makes no sense, but I think you mean if with an expired passport you can travel from Mexico to New Mexico or vice versa. In that case no, you need an ID or birth certificate if you are going to Mexico; if you are going to the US state of New Mexico from Mexico you need a passport AND a visa issued by the US government.

How many members can travel with one id proof in apsrtc?


Do you need an ID to buy a plane ticket to Mexico?

To buy the plane ticket to Mexico, no... there is no ID required. But to USE that ticket and GO to Mexico then yes, you will need a passport and that will be your ID.

Does your military ID work for reentry into the US from Mexico?

does my military ID work for reentry into the us from mexico?

Do you need a passport to travel into Mexico in the year 2017?

If you are a resident of the US, you need a passport to travel to ANY other nation and to return to the US.

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