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40 '/. of the English language


It's difficult to answer, because are you including all the words in the English language or only commonly used ones? are you counting only Norman French, modern French, Latin words that came via French, etc. ?

However, the Oxford Dictionary site ( ) has an estimate of the proportions of the approximately 80,000 words in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (includes some fairly obscure ones, but they're mostly in use) and puts:

  • Latin, including modern scientific and technical Latin: 28.24%
  • French, including Old French and early Anglo-French: 28.3%
  • Old and Middle English, Old Norse, and Dutch: 25%
  • Greek: 5.32%
  • No etymology given: 4.03%
  • Derived from proper names: 3.28%
  • All other languages contributed less than 1%

So 28.3% of 80,000 is 22,640 words. Arbitrary, but a good enough estimate.

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Q: How many french words are in the English language?
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Related questions

Why has french words such as Rendezvous become adopted and reused in the English language as if it was an English word?

Especially in the middle ages, the french and English peoples mixed together, and adopted words. The French have many cognates of English words, as we have french words. Particularly, England was once under a french ruler,(I forget the name), and during that time period many words were exchanged from language to language.

Why does English have many French words?

English, especially english spoken in the U.S., is a language that has taken phrases and parts of words from many languages, including Latin, French, Spanish, German, and others.

What is a word that means french with many English words?

The French language has 'franglais' to describe that. It seems that Frenglish could be an English equivalent.

Why is the british language similar to the french language?

The development of the English language comes from many sources. There are many English words that are French. An example of this is the word "beef". After 1066 when William ( who was French) conquered England all of the kings and nobility only spoke French ( the queens menus today are still only in French) while the common man spoke a form of old English. The Vikings also added words to English ( many names of things/places are Norse even today) and there is a German influence, but the French remains the most dominate in English.

Is English a romance language?

From the point of view of grammar and morphology, English is a Germanic language, but it is overlain with many words taken from Norman French, a romance language. Remember, England was once captured by the French.

What are many words in the English language are based upon?

Many are based on the Latin language, often indirectly through French.

French Italian and Spanish languages and many English words are based upon the language?


What is the difference between the English and french language?

The difference between the English and French language is that English comes from the West Germanic branch of the Germanic Languages, whereas French comes from the Romance languages, so it is related to Italian and Spanish. English has 60% words of German origin. and only about 30,000 French words have entered the English language. English has been influenced alot by other Germanic languages, from Old Saxon, which was spoken in Germany and Denmark, which was the base of the English language. And later by Old Norse from Viking Settlers and invaders who came to the shores of Britain. They added many Old Norse words, which are part of the Germanic Family tree. The Normans were Vikings who had settled in Normandy from Denmark, who later adopted French as their language, replacing Danish. And ofcourse after William the Conquerer became the First King of England, it is thanks to his victory that the French words have entered the English Language. This form of English with the French words added, gave birth to what is now Modern English. I do not know so much about the French language, but, you can see that there are many similarities in French and English, due to the Norman Invasion of 1066. If that did not happen, there would not be many or any French words in the English language, and it would sound and look more like German, than it does at present.

How many English words are in the french language?

Approximately 5% of French words have an English origin. I have left a link below to the source located at Wikipedia. Incidentally, it is a French article that had to be translated.

How many American words are there in sign language?

It is a language just like english, french, spanish, and others. There are literally thousands of words in the language.

How many words french language?

There are approximately 135,000 words in the French language.

Why have Indian words become reused in the English language as if they were English words?

This is something that English is particularly good at, and it involves many, many words from many different languages. Such words are called 'loan words', and they are sometimes surprising because we tend to think of them as ordinary parts of our language. There are many from French, but other languages are well represented. See link.

What was the impact of the French language on the English language?

When the Normans came to England in the Eleventh Century, French became the dominant language in the courts of England and elsewhere. Eventually it merged with the pre-existing English. Hence modern English has many words derived from Frenh.

What language most heavily influenced English during the Middle English Period?

French. After the Norman conquest French had such a impact on the English language that Middle English looks nothing like Old English, because we adopted and adapted so many of their words!

Which language most heavily influenced English during the middle English period?

French. After the Norman conquest French had such a impact on the English language that Middle English looks nothing like Old English, because we adopted and adapted so many of their words!

When was English a language?

What we call "English" began with the Anglo-Saxon tribes along the Eastern coast of England and developed into " Old English". English is not a pure language and uses words from many cultures. After William the Conqueror French was the only language spoken by the kings and queens of England for 300 years.( Even today the menus in the English court are still in French). English was the language for the common man. Words like "beef" come from the French. Today's English is changing and still developing.

When did the English borrow the French language?

Assuming by "borrow" adopt is meant, never. Beginning with the Norman Conquest in 1066, a Germanic-influenced form of Old French, called Norman French became the official language of England although Latin was used in law and in ecclesiastical circles. This led to the eventual emergence of Modern English, which has many French words and uses some French grammar, but it has to be remembered that English has borrowed words from many languages, and French words in English use have come into the language at different times and from different dialects. Answer The English borrowed French for a short time, but gave it back.

What countries do some common English words originate from?

English is a West-Germanic language, and consequently has many words that are similar to modern German. The biggest impact on the English language was the Norman Conquest, when the French invaded England in 1066. This French occupation caused English to change drastically over the next few hundred years, and the language acquired much of French's Latin and Greek influences. The English language is constantly expanding, containing borrowed words from all the other major languages. As a result, English is the largest language in the world.

Why are there so many french words in the English language?

Because a large percentage of the English language comes from the five "romance" languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese and Romanian) of which Latin is the foundation. And because the French Normans led by William the Conquerer, defeated the English Saxons in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings, thus leading to a significant influence of the Old French language upon the Old English language!

Are cuss words French?

Well the English language has words that originate from many other languages so it's possible that the words may have originated or parts of the words has french origins.

What roman words do you still use today?

The Romans spoke Latin There are so many word in English which originate from Latin that the list would be pages and pages long. Latin words entered the English language in two ways: When Latin was the language the church and a language spoken by the educated elites many Latin words became part of English. With the Normans, who invaded England from France, French became the language of the court and many french words, which have a Latin origin, entered the English language. If you consult a dictionary you will find the origin of words, including the ones from Latin and the ones from French which have a Latin origin. Many technical words in medicine, science, law and theology are Latin.

What kind of language does English belong to-word order or inflectional one?

The English language belongs uses word order and inflectional. Many of the words that are in the English language derive from French, with minor differences on the end (inflectional).

How many English Words are there in the English Language?

There are about 228,132 words total in the English language.

What is the influence of Rome's language on our language?

Many Latin words or words of Latin origin have entered English via two routes. One was that Latin was the language of the church in the Middle Ages. The other was the Norman conquest of England. French became the court language and many French words entered into the English language. These words are usually of Latin origin. Many international words in medicine, law and theology are Latin. Many words in medicine, law and theology are Latin. Western European languages have adopted and adapted the Latin alphabet. The only letters in the English language which do not come from the Latin alphabet are J, U and W.

What language did latin influence?

Latin influenced five and a half languages. The five languages are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian. The "half" language can be considered English, as there are many Latin derived words in the English language which entered by way of the French language during the Norman conquest.