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Only 4.there were 5 on it though but only 4 worked the 5th was so the ship didn't look off.

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How many funnels smoke stacks did the titanic have?

how many funnels (smoke stacks) did the titanic have?

How many funnels did the Titanic have?

The Titanic had 4 funnels though one was not used.4

How many funnels did the titanic have and how many of them were real?

3 years

How many funnels did the titanic have and how many were real?

The RMS Titanic had 4 funnels; 3 to expel the gases and one to make it look more powerful and was used for ventilation.

How tall were the funnels on the Titanic?

the Titanic's funnels were 62 feet (19m) tall.

How long were the funnels on the titanic?

2 in

Why was there a fake engine on the Titanic?

No, but one of the four funnels on the Titanic is fake. Three of them are working funnels, while the fourth is for aesthetic purposes.

How many funnels was on the Titanic?

Titanic had four funnels and altho the fourth one was often considered a "dummy funnel" that's not entirely true. It was used to vent the galley (kitchen) and other places.

How much funnels did titanic have and how many of then were real?

Titanic had three "real" funnels and one "fake" funnel. The forth funnel was put on for ventilation, balance and to make the ship look more powerful. The Titanic's rivals Mauritania and Lusitania both have four funnels and people might have thought Titanic less powerful and slower because it would have only had three funnels.

How many funnels are in the Titanic?

Four, though the last one was only for looks.

How many funnels were on Titanic?

There were 4, but only 3 were working. The 4th was out on for show to make the Titanic look more impressive.

What are those pipes at the top of the titanic?


Where was the titanic funnels built?

weird question

What color were the funnels on the titanic?

yellowy orange

How many funnels did the Titanic's sister have?

The Olympic and Britannic, both had 4 funnels and on both just like the Titanic the last one was just for show.

What were the height of the funnels on Titanic?

The funnels are each 62 feet high, and 22 feet in diameter.

How many funnels were real on titanic?

The first three were real, and the fourth was only for looks.

How many funnls on the Titanic actually worked?

3 smokestacks on the Titanic worked but there were 4.

How many smoke staks on the titanic worked?

To start off with, on a ship the "smoke stacks" are known as FUNNELS. On the Titanic the forward three funnels vented the smoke and ashes from the 29 boilers below. The 4th funnel was a fake. This made the ship more grand and in proportion, along with giving her a sense of power and speed. The same thing is done today. Two of the Disney Cruise ships have rear funnels that are fake. One of them houses a nightclub.

How many funnels were on the Titanic?

Four, however only the first three were used. The fourth one was added for ventilation for the kitchens and for symmetrical foundation.There were 4 smoke funnels on the Titanic, but, only 3 of them allowed smoke to escape from the engines. The fourth one was just there for show. A ship with 4 smoke funnels looked more impressive than a ship with only 3 funnels.

What is the things called on top of the titanic?


Why were there 4 funnels on the Titanic?

The fourth funnel was built for aesthetic purposes. The other three funnels dispered the steam generated.

How many womon worked on the Titanic?

There were 23 female crewpersons on Titanic.

Why does the Titanic have chimleys?

The Titanic had funnels to get rid of low pressure steam after it had been used to drive the engines.

What height was the titanic from keel to top of funnels?

Registered height is 175ft

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