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How many galaxies are there?


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June 16, 2015 1:55AM


No one really knows for sure, but there have been estimates that there are more than there are grains of sand. Hundreds of billions might be a reasonable "guesstimate".

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  • Astronomers now estimate that the observable universe contains anywhere between 100 and 300 billion galaxies. However, if space time is flat on large scales (as it seems to be), the universe is infinite in size and contains an infinite number of galaxies in total, they are just so far away that their light has not had time to reach us since the beginning of the universe. In fact, because the universe is expanding, we will never see most of these galaxies ever!
  • The answer to your question is unknown. The universe is infinite containing billions and billions of galaxies as it expands. Roughly 150-200 billion galaxies though.
  • It is not definite how many galaxies there are but there could be up to 500 billion galaxies! I think that was found out by a German organization.
  • There are millions of galaxies that we can observe from Earth, but there are millions more that we cannot observe.
  • About 100,000,000,000 (a hundred billion) and still expanding!
  • Let's not forget the galaxies that are not in the observable Universe! Add up all the galaxies in the entire Universe (including the part we can't see) and the number of galaxies could be in the trillions or larger! Humans can't even conceive huge numbers like that so knowing this has little effect on most of us. It is truly mind boggling how many galaxies could be out there.