How many gallon in bushel?


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8 gallons in one bushel.

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1.6 five gallon buckets. One bushel is 8 gallons.

55 gallon [US, dry] = 6.875 bushel [US, dry].

. . . is that a bushel of feathers, a bushel of cotton, a bushel of wheat, or a bushel of lead pellets? (A bushel is a volume, not a weight.)

The amount in a bushel.

A dry, or "corn" gallon, is 1/8 of a bushel, so 8 dry gallons would be a bushel.

I put 7 bushells in a 55 gallon drum. a bushel weighs about 60 pounds. that gives you about 7.6 pounds per bushel. That's the best answer I can give you without weighing it.

How many cubic feet in a bushel of soybeans

to fill a 55 gallon drum with shelled corn multiply by 56 pounds * (Average wt of a bulshel of Corn) .. 5 bushel to a drum...answer is 280 pounds or five bushel

yes...weigh pail contents on scale and use weight per bushel of volume chart

A bushel is the largest unit (size) classification for dry raw goods such as wheat, rye, or barley. A gallon is the largest unit of classification for liquid goods such as milk or orange juice (and yes, orange juice can be commonly sold in gallon sized containers).

There are 8 pickles in a bushel.

There are 32 quarts in a bushel.

Rice comes in by the bushel, not by the gallon. Gallon is a fluid volume measurement, not a means to measure solid particles like grains of rice. And it does depend on the size of the tractor trailer or b-train, as well as the general weight of the rice in terms of bushel size.

A bushel is a measure, just like a gallon, quart or pint. Sizes are in order below Cup Pint = 2 cups Quart = 2 pints Half Gallon = 2 quarts Gallon = 4 quarts Peck = 2 1/3 gallons Bushel = 4 pecks

The typical weight of feed corn (#2 yellow dent corn) is 56 pounds per bushel. By volume, there is about 8 gallons in a bushel. Thus there is 7 pounds in a gallon of corn.

There are 4 pecks in one bushel.

There are 4 pecks in a bushel.

There are four pecks in a bushel.

A bushel is determined by weight not by the number. The weight for a bushel of pears is 50 pounds and a bushel of peaches is 48 pounds.

16 cups are in a bushel. 128 cups in a bushel or about 20 quarts

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