How many gallons 24 ft by 52 ROUND pool?

I am going to assume that 24ft is the diameter of the pool, and that the 52 is meant to be the depth in inches.

A round pool is basically a cylinder. The volume for a cylinder is V = πr2h, where π is pi (3.14159), r2 is the radius squared, and h is the height (depth).

First, 52 inches needs to be converted into feet. There are 12in in 1ft. So multiply 52in x 1ft/12 inches to get 4.3ft.

The radius = 1/2diameter = 1/2(24ft) = 12ft

V = πr2h = (3.14159) x (12ft)2 x 4.3ft = 1945ft3

1 ft3 equals 7.48 gallons.

1945ft3 x 7.48gal/1ft3 = 14548 gallons