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A 12-foot round pool filled with 3 feet of water contains 2,549 gallons water. If you fill it to 4 feet deep it changes to about 3,400 gallons.

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A 12-ft round pool with depth of 2 ft has a capacity of 1,692.2 gallons of water.

A 12-foot round pool with 3 feet of water depth contains about 2,550 gallons.

A 12-foot round pool with 33-inches of water contains 2,336.4 gallons of water.

A 12-foot round pool filled to a depth of three feet contains about 2,548 gallons of water.

A 2-foot round pool with 12 inches of water is holding about 23.6 gallons of water.

In a round pool each cubic foot accounts for 5.9 US gallons on average. If you are asking how many gallons this size pool holds, 2,548 US gallons.

A pool this size contains 9,353 gallons of water when filled to a depth of 52 inches.

Three feet of water in a 12-foot round pool is about 2,550 gallons.

A 12-foot round pool filled to a depth of 2.5 feet contains 2,124 gallons of water.

A 12-foot wide round pool with 3.3 feet of water contains 2,803.7 gallons of water.

A round swimming pool 12 feet across by 4 feet deep will hold 452 ft3 which converts to 3,381 gallons

This pool can hold up to about 7,181 gallons of water.

There are about 7.481 gallons per cubic foot. So if your 12 foot by 8 foot pool is filled 4 feet deep you will need 12 x 8 x 4 x 7.481 = 2,873 gallons of water.

Cannot be answered with only these measurements. For a rectangular pool, the length, width and depth are needed. For a round pool, the diameter and depth are needed.

12 foot by 12 foot by 4 foot deep = 576 cubic feet. 576 cubic feet is a volume equivalent to 4308.7792208 gallons [US, liquid]

A pool with those measurements contains 960 cubic feet of water (20 x 12 x 4) 1 cubic foot = 6.2288355 Imperial gallons, so 960 = 5,979.682 Imperial gallons. or 1 cubic foot = 7.4805195 American gallons, so 960 = 7,181.2987 American gallons.

One foot of water in a round pool with a diameter of six feet is about 211½ gallons.

Assuming you are talking about a 12-ft diameter round pool by 36 in deep, the volume of the pool is 339.3 cu ft and has a maximum capacity of 2,538.25 gallons of water.

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