How many gallons of oil were spilled in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Oil Spillage

Estimates vary. The most commonly accepted figures say 60,000-70,000 barrels of oil a day since it blew on April 20, 2010. That makes more than 2.5 MILLION gallons of oil each day. In the 95 days since the oil leak began (as of July 14th, 2010), that makes for approximately 245 MILLION gallons of oil poured into the Gulf - and it will increase every day until the leak is capped or the water pressure becomes more than the pressure of the oil spewing out.

So far no method of stopping the leak or catching the leaked oil has proven effective.

There have been two major oil spills in the Gulf Of Mexico:
June 3, 1979 : Ixtoc I oil spill.
April 20, 2010: BP Deepwater Horizon (Macondo Blowout) Oil spill.
Minor spills:
September 16, 2004: Taylor Energy wells. Hurricane Ivan caused leaks to 26 wells near Louisiana.
June 8, 1990: Mega Borg SE of Galveston. Explosions in a tanker's pump room caused fire and oil spills while transferring oil
October 23, 2007: Kab 101 - Storms caused damage to Kab 101 causing collisions, leaks resulting in evacuation of oil rigs.

The BP oil spill was initiated by a methane leak which ignited and exploded on the oil rig.
The valve gave out on April 20th, 2010 but the oil rig ship sank two days later (April 22nd, 2010). The oil leak continues to the present day.