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23460 gal. plus or minus the Grecian. length x width x avg depth (8.0+3.5=11.50 divided by 2 = 5.75 avg. depth x 7.48. Rounded to 7.5.


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How many gallons are in a 16ft X 32ft above ground swimming pool?

319.2 gallons for every inch the water in it is deep.

How many gallons of water fill a 16ft by 36ft pool?

You must have the depth or average depth to calculate.

How many gallons would a 64 by 64 by 16 foot water tank have?

1 cubic foot of water equals 7.5 gallons. Your tank holds 64ft x 64ft x 16ft of water, or 65,536 cubic feet. 65,536 cuft x 7.5 gallons = 491,520 gallons.

How many gallons are in a tank 16ft diameter and 2ft deep?

A tank this size holds up to 3,004(3,003.967872) gallons.

How many gallons in a round pool 16ft Diameter by 4ft deep?

You would use the following formula: 16 (Dia.ft.) X 16 (Dia.ft.) X 4 (average depth ft.) X 5.9(multiplication factor) = 6041.6 gallons of water

What is the perimeter of a room 40 ft by 16 ft?

40ft + 40ft + 16ft + 16ft = 112 ft

How many square yards are in 16ft X 18ft?

There are exactly 32 square yards in 16ft X 18ft

How many 16x16 to make 480 square feet?

If they are 16ft x 16ft, two will be more than enough.

How big is a crocadile?

it depends what type of crocodile saltwater crocodiles can be up to 16ft fresh water crocodiles can be substancialy less

How many gallons of water in a pool 40 feet long 16 feet wide and 5 feet and 9 inches deep?

Your pool's volume is 40ft x 16ft x 5.75ft = 3680 cubic feet. 1 cu.ft. = 1728 cubic inches 1 US gallon is 231 cubic inches 3680 x 1728 / 231 = 27528.312 US gallons in that pool.

If you have a 16ft by 16ft box that is 3 inches deep how much pee gravel do you need?

Nor sure how pee gravel is packed, but you need enough for 64 cubic feet.

How many square ft are in 16ft by 6ft?

Assuming that "16ft by 6ft" are the dimensions of a rectangle (rather than an ellipse, for example), the area is 16*6 = 96 square feet.

How many gallons of water would it take to fill a pool that is 16ft wide by 32ft long by 5ft deep?

To calculate the volume of your pool, multiply the length times the width times the depth. If your dimensions are all in feet, your answer will be in cubic feet. There are approximately 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot of water, so multiply the number of cubic feet by 7.48 for the number of gallons in your pool. If this is your homework, do the math. If you really need to know for your own pool, don't forget that pools usually have scuppers and aren't filled to the brim, so you will have to subtract 4-6 inches from the depth for a more accurate answer. Hope that helps.

How long are the gymnastics bars?

16ft long and the poles 14 ft

What is the leinth of a king cobra?

16ft the record was 18ft of an king cobra

How many meters are there in 16ft?

16 feet is equivalent to 4.8768 metres.

How many square yards are in 16ft X 16ft?

One square foot is 12in*12in = 144in, so you multiply the square footage by 144. 16*16=256 256*144=36864in

How long is the average anaconda?

it can grow to an average of 16ft but 24ft or longer is not unusual.

16 feet equals how many inches?

16ft * 12in/ft = 192in

What is 16ft by 11ft in m2?

176 square feet is 16.35 square meters.

What is the sq ft of 16ft by 6ft?

That's a total of 96 square feet.

How long will a 3kw heater take to heat a 16ft pool?

To have a chance of answering that one would have to know the amount of water in the pool, the current temperature of the pool and how much you want to heat it to.

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