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The volume of the pool is 2,290.2 cu ft and has a maximum capacity of 17,133.2 gallons of water.

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Three feet of water in a 12-foot round pool is about 2,550 gallons.

Round Pool: Depth x Diameter-squared x 5.9 = Volume in Gallons

To fill your 18-foot round pool to a depth of 48" would require about 7,646 gallons of water. If you filled it to 36", the total would decrease to about 5,735 gallons.

To fill this pool to a depth of four feet you will need about 7,646 gallons of water. If you decide to fill it to three feet deep, the gallons decreases to around 5,735.

3384 gallons for every foot deep it is.

A round, 16' diameter 4' deep pool has a capacity of about 6,016 gallons of water.

A 15-foot round pool with 52 inches of water is holding about 5,750 gallons. If the water is only 48" deep, the pool would be holding around 5,310 gallons.

A 2-foot round pool with 12 inches of water is holding about 23.6 gallons of water.

36701.2987 gallons is the pool is evenly 4 feet deep.

Two feet of water in an 8-foot round pool is about 755 gallons.

A 24-foot round pool with 50 inches of water in it is holding about 14,158 gallons.

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