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Approximately 4,400 gallons.

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If 20' is the circumference, then the answer is 833.4 gallons.

A round swimming pool 12 feet across by 4 feet deep will hold 452 ft3 which converts to 3,381 gallons

I would say probably around 50-200 gallons.

A 100-foot round pool filled with 1.5 feet of water would be holding about 88,500 gallons.

To fill your 18-foot round pool to a depth of 48" would require about 7,646 gallons of water. If you filled it to 36", the total would decrease to about 5,735 gallons.

An 8-foot round pool filled to a depth of 13 inches would contain about 410 gallons of water.

It would fill about 91,000 residential in-ground swimming pools.

There are 13,536 gallons in a 24 foot diameter pool that has 4 feet of water. Not true for a pool that is 4 feet in height. This would hold less than 4 feet of water.

A 15-foot round pool with 52 inches of water is holding about 5,750 gallons. If the water is only 48" deep, the pool would be holding around 5,310 gallons.

Cant work it out without the depth and do you really mean 20 inch by 40 inch? that's tiny.

The area of the pool would be 1440 cubic feet. There are 7.4805 gallons per cubic foot. Doing the math, there would be 10771.92 gallons of water in your 15 X 24 X 4 foot swimming pool.

It depends on your water companies measure of 1 unit. In my area 1 unit is equal to 748 gallons of water. so 40 units would be: 40units X 748 gallons = 29,920 gallons of water. Just about the amount of water you would use to fill up an average swimming pool.

A 28-foot round pool filled with 4 feet of water would contain about 18,500 gallons.

To calculate you would need the height of the pool. (pi)(radius2)(height)/231 = gallons

Depends on the pool you're comparing it to..

you would have to have the length and the width measurements to determine that

Kiloliters or gallons depending on sizeo f the pool.

If you filled the pool to a depth of 48 inches, the total volume would be about 21,240 gallons of water.

If you filled it all the way to the top (40") it would hold about 2,830 gallons of water.

This pool can hold up to about 8,251 gallons of water.(This would fill the pool to the very top)

If it is a round 18' in diameter and a constant 52" deep then the volume is 158.6 gallons per inch. 52 inches would then be 8247.2 gallons.