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How many gallons of water does it take to fill a rectangle pool 18x36 with a 3 foot shallow end and a 8 foot deep end?

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2010-02-05 18:45:03
2010-02-05 18:45:03

Assuming brim-full,

30x3 = 90 ft2

30x4/2= 60ft2



2250ft3 = 14014.8675 UK gallons

2250ft3 = 16831.17 US gallons


area on top = (18x36) ft squared = 648 ft^2

vol of top section = 648x3 = 1944ft^3

vol of (bottom) diagonal section is: 0.5(36x18).(8-3) = 1620ft^3

total vol = 1944 + 1620 = 3564ft cubed

3564 (feet cubed) = 22 199.5604 Imperial gallons

what I did was split the volume of the pool into two sections and deal with them independently as two separate shapes.

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You need also to specify the depth.

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It depends on how deep it is. But probably around 30,000 gallons

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That will depend on how deep you want the water to be.

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Length x width x average depth*. Multiply result by 7.48 to determine volume in gallons. * 'average depth' is shallow end + deep end divided by two

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Need to know the depths of the shallow and deep end, and the shape of the pool, whether it is a rectangle or kidney or irregular shaped.

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