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Answer The average bathtub will hold 40 to 60 gallons when completely filled.

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Q: How many gallons of waterare in an average size bath tub?
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How many gallons used for an average bath?

That is approximately 50 gallons

How many gallons of water does it take to take a bath?

If you have an average north American bathtub you can have an adequate bath in about 25 US gallons of water.

How many gallons of water does a bath tub faucet deliver per minute?

Average bath faucets will deliver 3 - 5 gallons per minute,

How many quarts to fit in a bath tub?

An average bathtub holds about 55 gallons - that is 220 quarts.

How many gallons does a standard bath tub hold?

About 60 gallons .

How many Gallons water per bath?

Depends On The Size Of The Bath probley about 6

How many gallons does a 10 min bath take?

How many gallons of water a 10 min bath takes depends entirely on how much water is put in the bathtub.If 80 gallons are wasted in a 20 min bath, im guessing you waste 40 g in a 10 min bath

How many gallons of water in a half full bath tube?

depends on the size of the bath tub

How many gallons of water does a typical bath take?


How many gallons can an average bathtub hold?

A bath tub can hold up to 210 gallon's of water at most. 50 gallons would be more than enough for people to soak in leisurely.

How many gallons is in the human body. like not how many gallons of blood but how many gallons is the average human?

About 10 gallons

How many liters are used for one bath?

It depends how big it is and how deep you fill it.35 to 40 gallons for typical tub The average bath tub will hold 40 to 60 gallons when completely filled. Use a measuring Jug and put in the normal amount of water you use.

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