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Usually two unless you get to 6 all then you go into a tiebreak to seven.

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You need 6 games to win a set in tennis but you must win by 2 games. If the score is 6-4, you have won the set but if the score is 6 - 5 you will need to play another game. If the score becomes 7-5 you have won the set and if the score becomes 6-6 you play a tiebreaker.

Be the first to win 6 games with a winning margin of at least 2 games, if not at 6-6 a tie-breaker will be played and its winner will win the set.

a set means that one side or player has won six games. The winner of the set must win by two games.

First to win 6 games or if it is 6-5, pr 5-6 it is first to win 7 games.

6 games. However, if you are at 6-5 you must have 7 games under your belt to win the set. If the score is at 6-6, apart from the 6 games you also have to win a tie break.

In a tennis match you need 15 points to win a set!!!! xxx

About 3 games, you need to win a tennis match, but sometimes people do 2 matchs or 1, so basically that's the amount of matchs you need to win a tennis match. Thanks for Asking!!!

For Mens you need to win three games to win but for women it is only two

colin Johnson has won more games in history. in 1956 he was the first African American to win 742 tennis game in one day.

she hit it hard so they cant get it

It's usually 6 games to win a set. However, you can also play just two games and it'd still count as winning a set! Hope I helped! :)

the aim of tennis is to hit the ball away from the other player so you can win the point and there for win games.

Women's Tennis Matches consist of 6 games in a set and best of 3 sets. Men's Tennis is the same however in Grand Slams for men it is best of 5 sets,this is the same in the Davis Cup. You need to win 4 points to win a game of Tennis.

In total he won 713 matches in his career.

To be a master you have to beat as many people as possible and win lots of games.

Generally, the rules of tennis at Wimbledon are the same as in other Grand Slams or tournaments (games go 15, 30, 40, then game; 6 games in a set). The only noticeable differences are that in the fifth set, there is no tiebreaker (which resulted in the longest match in the history of tennis between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner) and that to win, the player must win 3 out of 5 sets.

six in a set but if its a tie breaker then seven ------------------------- In some tournaments you must win by 2 games. For example, In Wimbledon a tiebreak game is played if the score reaches 6-6 in any set except the fifth (in a five-set match) or the third (in a three-set match), in which case a two-game lead must be reached

Best of out five sets. Six game sets but you must win a set by two games at 6 all, you play a tie breakerso best 3 out of 5 sets (not including tie-breaks)

You must win 4 games to win the set so that the final game score would be: 5-7 you must win by a minimum of 2 games and in this case u must break your opponents service play at least twice But if they were to win a game and make it 6-6 before you could win that final game then you would have to go into a tiebreaker where to win you must get 7 points AND also be winning by 2 points at the same time hope this helped =]

The points needed to win a game is 4, but there are 6 games in a set. So the fewest number of points needed is 24 points.

A tennis match can be 2 out 3 sets or 3 out of 5 sets. For a player to win one set, they must win 6 games. There must also be a difference of 2 games. The score for a set to 6 could be: 6-0, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, or 6-4. After that, a player must win 7-5 or 7-6. The 7-6 score means that a tiebreaker was played once the score became 6-6. The tiebreaker is won by the person who wins 7 points first and wins by 2 points.

2 ... gold in women's singles tennis and gold in mixed doubles tennis, both at the 1900 Games in Paris.

When you win in tennis it is called winning a MATCh. Let me explain the scoring. When two people play tennis they play 6 games to get to what is called a set. The most common scoring of a tennis match is 2 out of 3 sets, but for the men's pro tour it is 3 out of 5. In a GAME, you have to win 4 points. If you have zero you say love, if you have 1 point, you say 15, if you have 2 you say 30, if you have 3 you say 40 if you have won the next point then you have won that game. You have to win 6 games to get a set. If you tie with your opponent 6-6 then you play a tiebreaker to 7 points to determine who wins the last set.

The goal of tennis is to win 2 6 game sets by two games.

we need 4 points to win a game in lawn tennis