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Q: How many geolyphs were created by the Nazca?
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What is the purpose of the nazca lines and who created them?

The purpose of the Nazca lines was to please the gods.

How many nazca lines are there?

There are approximately 25 Nazca line figures.

What do the Nazca Lines do?

The Nazca lines are generally believed to have been created for religious reasons by the Nazca civilisation. They appear to be pathways that were used in religious ceremonies.

Where were the nazca lines created?

Plains of Peru

What is so special about the Nazca Region in Peru?

The Nazca Region in Peru is well known for its Nazca Lines, located in southern Peru. Archaeologists and Anthropologists believe that these monuments were created by the Nazca people to be viewed by the gods.

Why were the nazca lines created?

No one knows why were the Nazca lines created. Some believe that it was an astronomical calendar, landing signals for aliens or area for rituals and sacrifices.

How many pictures are there in the nazca lines?


What is Nazca's capital?

Nazca is the capital city of Nazca Province, Peru.

What created the Andes?

The collision of the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate.

Which civilizations created the ancient irrigation ditches in the Andes?

Nazca and Moche

How were the Andes mountain ranges created?

nazca plate south american plate

What are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs and biomorphs located in the Nazca Desert of Peru.

Where is the nazca plain?

The Nazca plain is in central Peru.

Where are the Nazca lines found?

Nazca Dessert, Peru

What mountain range is being created by the convergence of the Nazca and South American plate?

The mountain range that is being created by the convergence of the Nazca and the South American plate is the Andes mountain range. This range includes active volcanoes.

How were the Nazca able to farm the land they lived on?

The created an irrigation system and underground canals.

Is the Nazca Plate oceanic or continental?

The Nazca plate is oceanic.

What two plates created the Soufriere Hills volcano?

the nazca(oceanic) and caribbean (continental) plates

Where is the Nazca Plate located?

nazca is located around peru and pacific plate

How big are the nazca glyphs?

The largest Nazca glyph is 200 meters long.

Which direction is the nazca plate moving?

The Nazca plate is moving east-west

What type of people live on the nazca plate?

the people that live on the nazca plate are the people of peru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the people that live on the nazca plate are the people of peru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are the Nasca Lines located?

The Nazca Lines are located in the Nazca desert of Southern Peru.

How were Nazca lines made?

Researchers believe they were created by the Nazca people by planning and marking out the designs, possibly with stakes, and then clearing the darker oxidized earth to reveal the lighter earth beneath. See related links.

Is the Nazca Desert the world's driest desert?

The Sechura Desert (also known as the Nazca Desert) is not the driest in the world. It does border on the Atacama Desert which many consider the driest desert.