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There are 50.7 ounces in 1.5 liters. If you use the portion of an average serving of wine at 4 ounces, you should get 12-4ounce servings per 1.5 liters of wine.

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Q: How many glasses in 1.5 liters of wine?
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How many ounces in 15 liters of wine?

15 liters of wine = about 507.2 ounces (almost four US gallons).

How many servings of wine can you get from a half gallon bottle of wine?

15 six oz glasses

How many glasses in a 1.5L bottle of wine?

An average wine gass holds 100 to 150 mL so you've got about 10-15 glasses

How many bottles of wine will serve 15 people?

If each guest has two glasses of wine, six bottles will serve them.

How many liters in a wine bottle?

Regular sized wine bottle is 750 ml but you can sometimes find bigger bottles that hold 1ltr Wine bottles can range from about .4 liters to 15 liters. They also have interesting names. See the link below for a table of wine bottle sizes and names.

How many cups in 15 liters?

15 liters is 63.4 cups.

What do you call a big bottle of wine?

The huge bottles of wine are called Nebuchadnezzars. They hold 15 liters! See link.

How many liters are in 15 milliliters?

There are 0,015 liters in 15 milliliters.

How many liters are in 15 gallons?

15 Gallons = 56.78117676 Liters

How many liters is 15 cups?

15 US cups equates to 3.55 liters.

How many US quarts are in 15 liters?

15 liters is 15.85 US quarts.

How many liters in 1 container?

How many liters are in one container is dependent on the size of the container. If the container size is known liter cans be determined.

How many liters are equivalent to 15 cc?

15 cc = 0.015 liters.

How many liters equal to 15 kiloliters?

15,000 liters.

How many US gallons are in 15 liters?

15 liters = 3.9626 US gallons

How many liters are there in 15 mL?

1 milliliter is 0.001 liter. 15 milliliters is 0.015 liters (0.001 x 15).

15 liters is how many kilos?

15 liters of water would be 15 kg - but 15 liters of liquid lead or mercury would be heavier. It depends on the substance. You can not equate volume and mass without density and temperature. 15 liters of steam would be about 0.02 kg

How much water should a 15 and 13 year old boy drink?

6-8 glasses (1.5 - 2 liters)

How many tsb are in a liters?


How many liters of milk jersey cow gives a day?

15 liters

Fifty seven liters is how many gallons?

57 liters = 15 gallons

How many ounces in fifteen liters?

15 liters = about 507.2 fluid ounces.

How many liters are there in 15pints of liquid?

15 US pints = 7.1 liters.

How many liters water should you drink in summer?

14-15 liters

If you have 15 quarts of soda about how many liters is that?

Fifteen quarts is 14.1952 liters.