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the milky way is a galaxy, there are billions of stars in the milky way galaxy


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The Milky Way is the galaxy which is the home of our Solar System together with at least 200 billion other stars (more recent estimates have given numbers around 400 billion) and their planets, and thousands of clusters and nebulae

The Milky Way is our galaxy, there are many, many millions of suns that make up the Milky Way

The milky way contains about a dozen black holes in the milky way.

The Earth is IN the Milky Way!!!

All constellations are within the Milky Way

There are exactly 1 moon in the milky way.

Zero. The Earth is in the milky way.

They're formed by gravity - and they look that way because they're millions or billions of miles away !

The sun is in the same galaxy we are in - The Milky Way. The Milky Way is just one of many billions of galaxies.

The Milky Way is about 100,000 light years wide.

None, actually; reach down and touch the Earth, and you are touching part of the Milky Way. We are part of the Milky Way.

We are in the Milky Way. It is our home galaxy. The Milky Way is 100,000 light years across - this is approximately 587,460 trillion miles.

The Milky Way includes many things including space objects and much more.

No. There are many much larger galaxies in the Universe than the Milky Way.

No. There are many galxies, but only one of them is the Milky Way Galaxy.

Universe is massively bigger than the milky way galaxy, by many orders of magnitude. Also, the milky way galaxy is included in the universe, and we are included in the milky way galaxy.

There no milky way in sky there is only milky way galaxy

the milky way is not a solar system, it is a galaxy, what kind of question is that?

The Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across.

The entire solar system is in the milky way, with all the stars you can see.

The milky way is our galaxy... The milky way is in a spiral form shape... it consists of billions and billions of stars... The milky way also has many dwarf stars and planets...

Are galaxy is called the milky way and there's only 1 ;)

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