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How many go to Kasoa Man going to Kasoa met man with 7 wives each had 12 sons 12 daughters each daughter had 4 sons 7 daughters each son had 7 sons 4 daughters each granddaughter had 4 friends?



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The full riddle is:

How many people go to Kasoa A man going to Kasoa met a man at the bus stop with 7 wives each with 12 sons and 12 daughters Each daughter had 4 sons and 7 daughters and each son has 7 sons and 4 daughters Each grand daughter has 4 friends?

I think this is the old "A man was going to St. Ives" riddle; so the answer is 1.

I think the answer should be 2 since the bus driver should be added.

(Only the man and driver could fit on the bus because in total there would be 5721 people plus the driver.)