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Denis Law scored 237 goals for Manchester United.


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Cristiano Ronaldo scored 118 Goals For Manchester United... Amazing!!!!!!!

The person to score most goals for Manchester United is Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Javier Hernandez scored 86 goals for Manchester United, as of 20 July 2014.

In Total Eric Cantona scored 64 goals for Manchester United in 144 Appearances.

It was Manchester United 4 - 3 Europe XI Manchester United goals - Rooney (2 goals), Brown and Ronaldo Europe XI goals - Malouda, Diouf (2 goals)

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 118 goals in his 6 seasons at Manchester United, 84 of which were in the Premier League.

Manchester United scored 76 goals in the 1996-97 Premier League season, and conceded 44 goals.

It was 2-3 in Manchester Uniteds favour with goals from Nani and Gibson.

In Eric Cantona's senior career, in league matches, he scored 64 goals in 144 games for Manchester United, and 9 goals in 28 matches for Leeds.

since his debut gerrad has score 7 goals against man united

Ronaldo for Manchester United the best team in the world

No. The most own goals Jamie Carragher has scored in a match is 2 Vs Manchester United. Yes he did score three own goals in a match!

Bobby Charlton scored a total of 199 goals in 606 First Division appearances for Manchester United, 19 goals in 78 FA Cup appearances, 23 goals in 45 European appearances, and 7 goals in 24 League Cup appearances.

In a total of 12 seasons for Manchester United (including two seasons in which he made no appearances), Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored 126 goals in 366 games in all competitions.

Cristiano Ronaldo he scoed at a rate of approximetlly 20 goals per season for Manchester United

He has yet to score for Manchester United.

The last score between the two was 3-1 to Manchester united

The Uruguyan striker Diego Forlan has scored only 10, ten goals for Manchester United.

Manchester United scored 2 goals (and one penalty) in the Community Shield, 86 goals in the English Premier League, 11 goals in the League Cup, 10 goals in the Champions League group stage, and 11 goals in the Champions League knockout stage - a total of 121 goals in competition.

No as he never played for Manchester United.

man utd scored in the 2004/2005 season 58 goals in the 2005/2006 they scored 72 hope this helps

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