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How many goals did Didier Drogba score for Chelsea FC?


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Didier Drogba scored 100 goals in the Premier League, 12 goals in the FA Cup, 9 goals in the League Cup, 34 Continental goals, and 2 goals in other competitions to total 157 goals while playing for Chelsea FC.

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Didier Drogba scored 16 goals in 40 games for Chelsea in his first season.

Didier Drogba from Chelsea FC was the first to score 100 goals in the EPL.

for Chelsea about = 140 in total for marseille and guingamp about =50

My personal choice is Frank lampard as he scores goals and provides Drogba to score goals.

No he didn't. He did get sent off though...

drogba soccred so many no one can count. more then 10000000

Drogba has scored more, but is older When Torres plays, he doesn't score much but assists many goals.

he has scored two goals for chelsea fc, in carling and fa cup respectively

yes they did the score was 3-0 drogba scored 2 and an own goal from thomas vermaelen

Michael Essien has scored 3 goals at his tima at chelsea

He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them

As they are both strikers, their main purpose of being is the number of goals they score, so that is the measure we should use to compare them; In his 5.5 seasons at Chelsea, Didier Drogba has scored 69 Premier League goals in 152 appearances, for a strike rate of 0.45. In his 2.5 seasons at Liverpool, Fernando Torres has scored 50 Premier League goals in 72 appearances, a strike rate of 0.69. On the basis of goals scored and strike rate, Fernando Torres is better than Didier Drogba. Of course this comparison is only valid for Torres fans who have no interest in objectivity, as the comparisons are clearly invalid. Drogba's stats have been taken from the entirety of his PL career, but Torres stats only include his figures from Liverpool, for whom he has not been playing for two seasons. As is well know, his strike rate ar Chelsea is abysmal, and cannot compare to Drogba's, which is why the latter has consistently been selected over the former. Drogba started the ECL Final, and scored the winning goal, whilst Torres started on the bench. This says much about their comparative abilities. Whilst Torred may have been comparable at his peak - although, frankly, the two are entirely different in their individual qualities - Drogba has never endured a drought of two seasons, and unless Torres ever shows his prior form he is clearly behind Drogba.

On Saturday 14th August 2010, Chelsea beat West Bromwich Albion 6-0

kanu scored 37 goals against chealsea in the Barclay's classic

As of March 2011, in the six appearances that Fernando Torres has made in all competitions for Chelsea, he is yet to score a goal.

Because he tries to get the ref to give him a penalty. He would probably score a lot more goals if stayed on his feet and took a shot, rather than falling down all the time. No one likes him. He plays for the worst team in the world apart from Manchester United. Barca and Liverpool all the way

People like Chelsea as they have a lot of money, and buy all the top players. but they do score goals and win matches.

Espana: 178 Liverpool: 97 Atheletico Madrid: 105 Chelsea: 0 Answer: 406 Goals

In the whole of last season, all matches they scored a total of 115 goals.

unfortunately arsenal beat Chelsea 5-3 Goal Scorers for Chelsea: Lampard, Terry, and Mata Goal Scorers for Arsenal: Van Persie(3 goals), Santos, and Walcott. Hope this helps.

he has scored 97 goals for Liverpool 102 for athletico Madrid 36 for Spain and 7 for Chelsea altogether he has scored 242 goals in his whole footballing career

Lampard is better because Lampard has skills,can score free kicks from distance and can shoot from long distance. Lampard has had better seasons in the past years and Drogba only has got the player of the Chelsea team last year. Lampard has got the Chelsea player of the year 3 or 2 times. Lampard got it last year he was the highest goalscoring midfielder last year and the year before. He sets people up like Anelka, Drogba, Malouda and many others in the team. From Matt

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