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How many goals has Frank Lampard scored in his life?


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I have no idea, but Chelsea is awesome.


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The most goals by a soccer player is by Pele , who has scored over a thousand goals in his life..

hes scored 40 goals!!!!!!!

139 goals in his whole life in his career

Pele (Brazil); He has scored 1281 goals in his career.

Maradona scored 258 goals and if you include Argentina as well it makes 349 goals (34 goals in Argentina).

Emile heskey has scored 151 goals in his life and played for 20 seasons giving him an average of 7.55 goals per season the most his scored in a season is 22. MEANING HE IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK HE IS

As of Jan. 1 2011 he has 356 goals, 215 assists, and adding up to 517 points.

In his Senior career, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 188 goals in 388 games for Club and 25 goals in 79 games for Country (Portugal).

Alessandro Del Piero has scored astronomical 50 000 000 goals in his career, which is more than double messi, ronaldo, henry, pele, maradona, raul and nistelrooy together.

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Team(No. of Goals)São Paulo(23)Milan(70)Real Madrid(20)National team‡Brazil(27)

Pele played for a tremendously long time, totaling 1,363 games. In those games, he scored a total of 1,282 goals.

Mia Hamm has many goals one is to solve a cure for bone marrow disease and another is to succeed in life but if you were asking about her career goals then 136 81 of witch were in countrys other then the us. also she has scored 7 hat tricks in her soccer career(hat trick=3 goals in one game)

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