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Mark Viduka



1993-1995Melbourne Knights

(40)1995-1998Croatia Zagreb


(30)2000-2004Leeds United


(26)2007-2009 Newcastle United


Total: 202 Goals for Clubs

International (Including U20's and U23's)

Total: 60

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How many siblings does Mark Viduka have?

Mark Viduka is a retired football player from Australia who was born on October 9, 1975. It appears that Mark only has one sibling, a sister.

How many goals did tony lockett kick?

He kicked 1360 goals

How many goals has Matthew Lloyd kicked?

Up till the end of round 6, 2009, Lloydy has kicked a total of 901 goals.

How many goals has Jim stynes kicked?


How many goals has Nathan dempsey scored?

he has kicked 200

How many goals did Anthony maguire kick in one season?

he kicked 3 goals in the 2008 season

How many players have kicked 500 goals?

Pavlich has become the 51st

How many goals has lance Franklin kicked in his career?

lance has kicked a whopping 305 goals in onlly 102 games lol!! im a hawks supporter GO BUDDY!!

How many goals has Jonathan brown kicked in his career?

283, not counting the ones he's kicked this year i don't think.

How many goals has tony lockett kicked?

1360 VFL/AFL Goals in 281 Games. Giving him an average of 4.8 goals a game

How many goals did Mark Messier score in his NHL carreer?

Mark Messier scored 694 Regular Season goals and 109 Playoff goals. Total = 803 Goals

How many players have kicked 10 goals in a match for 2 afl clubs?


How many goals has Matthew Lloyd kicked at ethihad?

299 goals a ETIHAD stadium (previously called Telstra Dome and Colonial Stadium)

How many field goals over 50 yards have been kicked at Heinz field?


How many goals has buddy Franklin kicked in 2012 up to and including round 14 2012?

Up to and including round 14 Buddy Franklin had kicked 42 goals (He didn't play in rounds 6, 11, or 14).

How many hoals did Anthony maguire kick in one season?

He kicked 3 goals in the 2008 season

How many goals were kicked in the 2009 AFL season?

4694 in the home and away season. 219 in the finals.

How many goals did lance Franklin kick last year?

not sure which year was last year but in 2008 he kicked 102 goals to win the Coleman by 3

How many Field Goals greater than 55 yards have been kicked in the NCAA?

I know that there was one kicked at 57 yards last weekend by the Nebraska kicker. Don't know how many in the history of the NCAA.

How many goals has mark schwarzer saved in his entire career?

exactly 6.2

How many goals did Wayne Carey kick?

Wayne Carey, one of the greatest AFL players of all-time, kicked 738 goals during his 272 match-career with North Melbourne and Adelaide.

Brandon kicker of football team last season kicked 38 times without missn each field goal worth 3 points and each extra point was worth 1 point that totaled to 70 points how many field goals kicked?

16 field goals22 extra points

How many goals mark messier scored in his career?

695. 694 in the NHL and one in the WHA.

How many goals has Matthew Richardson scored?

Matthew Richardson, a long time prominent forward for Richmond [Australian Rules] Football Club, kicked 800 goals during his AFL playing career - the second most number of goals in the Richmond club's history.

How many of AFL did Sam Newman play?

Sam Newman Played 300 AFL Games & Kicked 110 Goals. 316 games u idiot