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How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in this seson in all competitions?

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2010/11 season Wayne Rooney has scored 16 goals in all competitions.

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Wayne Rooney has scored how many goals for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney has scored 171 goals in the premier league.

He has scored 26 goals in the 2009-2010 season.

Wayne Rooney has scored 136 goals in 264 appearances as of December 21,2012.

Wayne Rooney has scored 19 goals for country and club in the 2013/2014 season.

Wayne Rooney this time last year has scored 43 goals.

Wayne Rooney has scored 136 career goals 92 for Manchester united, 15 for Everton an 26 for England.

As of 24 June 2012, Wayne Rooney has scored 29 goals in 76 appearances for England.

Wayne Rooney has scored 92 league goals and 133 total goals for Manchester United.

Rooney has scored a total of 25 goals this season.

Wayne Rooney scored 165 goals for Manchester United and 16 goals in the world cup history.

Wayne Rooney has scored 23 goals in all competitions this season, 2009-2010. BPL = 21 Community Shield = 1 League Cup = 1

Wayne Rooney has score a total of 36 goals for the English senior national squad.

Wayne Rooney scored 17 goals in 77 games for Everton ( in all competitions ).2002 - 03 : 8 Goals ( 6 Premier League Goals & 2 League Cup Goals ),2003 - 04 : 9 Goals ( 9 Premier League Goals ).

Wayne Rooney scored a total of 34 goals in 44 appearances in all domestic competitions during the 2009-10 season, a personal best in a single season as a player.

I think it was 25 goals behind Drogba.

Wayne Rooney has scored a total of 33 goals in the 2009-2010 season. 26 of them are in the Premier League.In his entire professional career (in Everton and Manchester United), he has scored a total of 147 goals. 130 for Manchester United and 17 for Everton.In addition to that, he has scored 25 goals for England.*Statistics accurate as of 21st March 2010.Wayne Rooney has scored many goals: Everton: 15 goalsManchester United: 101England:26

Wayne Rooney scored 18 goals in all competitions in the 2007-08 season.

Wayne Rooney he has scored 34 goals in 2009/2010 season

As at 11-Jan-2010, Wayne Rooney has scored a total of 94 Premier League goals in 243 appearances. 15 for Everton and 79 for Manchester United.

2007/08 season: 18 goals in all competitions