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How many goblins grab Bilbo in The Hobbit?

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"There were six to each dwarf, at least, and two even for Bilbo" (The Hobbit, Chapter IV).

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How do the goblins in the story use technology they have for evil purposes the hobbit?

many critics believe tolkien's writing reflects his personal dislike for technology. How do the goblins in the story use technology they have for the evil purposes in the hobbit?

How were the eagles a great help in the battle in the hobbit?

The eagles' arrival was one of the last things that Bilbo saw before being knocked out. The eagles were able to throw the goblins off the side of the mountain. The goblins were throwing large rocks down on top of the armies, causing many injuries and deaths.

Does Beorn eat the goblins in the book The Hobbit?

No, he does not eat the Goblins. He kills many of them and sometimes keeps the heads as trophies. According to the book he was a vegetarian.

How did Gandalf help Bilbo?

Which time? Gandalf helps Bilbo many times, both during The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

How many characters are there in the story The Hobbit?

There are literally thousands of characters in the book, but there are some key ones: * Gandalf * Bilbo Baggins - Protagonist * There are 13 dwarves that travelled with Bilbo * Gollum * Hundreds of other dwarves * The Elven King - and many minions. * King of the Goblins - and many minions. * The Master - and the residents of Laketown * Bard * Eagles * Beorn * Three trolls

What did Bilbo eat for breakfast in The Hobbit?

Bilbo had many breakfasts in The Hobbit. Before leaving his smial, he had a second breakfast, but it didn't specify what it was. With the Eagles, he had cold mutton and rabbit that had been roasted the night before.

What had Bilbo achieved through his trait of cleverness?

It depends on what scene you're thinking about. Bilbo learned many things, both in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

What obstacles did Bilbo face while they traveled?

bilbo faced spiders, trolls, gollum goblins, wolves, hunger, thirst, dragon, elves, people, and many more obsticles

Did anyone but Bilbo know about the ring in The Hobbit?

Many people knew that the One Ring existed, but they didn't know that Bilbo had it, except for Gollum. Gandalf suspected that Bilbo had the ring, but he wasn't sure.

What are the goblins afraid in The Hobbit?

They show a particular fear to the sword Thorin takes as his own in the troll cave. Orcrist, as it is called, was a sword famed for slaying many goblins, which is where their fear stems from.

Did Bilbo have a family in 'The Hobbit'?

No, he lived alone and his parents were dead. He did have many relatives though (what hobbit didn't?): the Sackville Baggins, various Tooks, etc.

Really short summary to The Hobbit?

Bilbo, a hobbit, is sent with a group of thirteen dwarves to recover the vast treasure that was stolen by the evil dragon Smaug. In the story, Bilbo saves the dwarves from many dangers, succeeding each time only because of mere luck. Bilbo also finds The One Ring.

What is the resolution to The Hobbit?

Bard defeats Smaug with the black arrow. Gandalf takes Bilbo back to The Shire, where he lives contentedly in his hobbit hole for many years afterwards.

How is Bilbo's lifestyle for a hobbit?

Bilbo is a well-to-do hobbit, the gentry or upper class of the hobbit folks. He lived in a large very nice home compared to many. He didn't really have a job and lived a life of leisure.

What page does Bilbo kill the spider in 'The Hobbit'?

On page 156 Bilbo kills his first spider and names his sword 'Sting'. Throughout the rest of chapter 8 Bilbo kills so many spiders they begin to fear him.

What are the characters in 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo, Balin, Bard, Beorn, Bofur, Dain, Fili, Gloin, Kili and many more.

How did Bilbo Baggins show friendship in The Hobbit?

He saved the dwarves many times, despite the fact that they did not much like him at first.

Are the Mines of Moria inhabited by orcs in 'The Hobbit'?

"The Hobbit" does not mention the Mines of Moria at all, so the question cannot be answered. <----this is wrong...it is mentioned many times in the hobbit for instance on page 56 (depending on the edition) where Gandalf mentions goblins being there.

Why does the fact that Thorin has Biter make the Great Goblin fly into rage in The Hobbit?

Biter was a blade forged in Gondolin, and slew many goblins.

How does the author portray the goblins to be different from the elves in The Hobbit?

When The Hobbit was written, I don't think that Tolkien had imagined that the Orcs/Goblins were derived from the Elves. In many ways the Goblins of the Misty Mountains were somewhat to the Silvan Elves of the Woodland Realm: - They both lived underground - They both were suspicious of outsiders (especially dwarves) How they differed: - Goblins preferred the dark places and shunned daylight, Elves lived underground to avoid detection - The Elves were beautiful, the goblins ugly - The Elves only greed was for wine and song, while the Goblins were just plain greedy This is just on the surface too. Later we are told that the Goblins/Orcs are actually Elves that were twisted and corrupted by Morgoth, Sauron's master.

What happens when Bilbo finally returns home from The Hobbit?

He goes back to living like all the other normal hobbits, in his little hobbit hole at Bag End, Hobbiton. Many of the Shire-folk considered him strange (a bit fanatical, maybe). Hardly any of them had been in his hobbit-hole, he had many odd guests come calling on him (dwarves, wizards and the like) and it was even said that the tunnels of his hole were filled with wild treasure (which is of course, untrue). Nevertheless, Bilbo was a perfectly happy, peaceful-living hobbit. NOTE: Bilbo has been presumed deceased, and his possessions are being auctioned off when he returns.

How do the goblins in the hobbit use technology for evil?

Goblins build devices that are designed to hurt many people at once. They hate everyone, so they want to hurt everyone and make it as painful as they can. the "ingenious" inventions they build do no good for anyone, they just do bad

The hobbit chapter 8 what is a summary of bilbo s rescue of the dwarves?

In chapter eight of the hobbit. Bilbo bagging's rescues the dwarfs. He's more brave then at the beginning of the book. He leads the spiders away to free the dwarves. When they return he kills many and they learn to fear his blade. He keeps the dwarves together and leads them out of the spiders area.

Was Bilbo Baggins accepted back into The Hobbit community at the end of The Hobbit?

Bilbo changes a lot after his adventure, and is also considerably more well off because of the two chests of silver and gold he brings back. At the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, it is mentioned that Bilbo is now seen as un-hobbit-like, and Frodo is also seen as odd. However, the hobbit community is not one that would particularly ostracise any of its members, and as Bilbo is still quite rich, it doesn't seem to be a problem for him. Many hobbits still choose to attend his birthday party, so perhaps he is just seen as the local eccentric. I can add. Bilbo was accepted back but after his adventure with Gandalf he was never the same. Neither were the people's attitudes towards him. They respected him but from that day on saw him as a strange fellow and I believe attanded his parties only because he was a well known Hobbit (and of course ALL hobbits like to eat)!

In The Hobbit ch18 what protagonist reapears to battle against the forces of evil?

There are many that come to the battle. Beorn is the single person that showed up, wading in to attack the goblins from the rear. And the Eagles returned to force the goblins off the edge of the mountain where they were attempting to flank the others.

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