How many gods and goddesses are there in Greece?

There are more than you can count, but 12 major ones known as Olympians because they live on Mount Olympus. The Big Three are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They're brothers. Zeus is god of the sky; Poseidon rules the sea; Hades controls the underworld. Hera is Zeus' wife and goddess of the family. Artemis and Apollo are twins. Artemis is goddess of the moon; Apollo is god of the sun. Athena is goddess of wisdom; Ares is god of war. Hephaestus is god of the forge; his wife Aphrodite is goddess of love. Hermes is god of messengers and medicine. There's some debate about the 12th one. Some people say Dionysus, god of wine. Others say Demeter, goddess of the harvest.