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Ken Griffey Jr. won 10 Gold Glove Awards, every year from 1990 - 1999

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How many Gold Gloves does Ken Griffey Jr. have?

Ken Griffey Jr. won 10 American League Gold Glove Awards (outfield) from 1990 through 1999.

How much is a 22 karat gold ken griffey junior card worth?

How much is a gold foiled 22kt Ken Griffey card worth

How many times did ken griffey jr strike out?

Ken Griffey Jr. has 1,762 career strikeouts in 9,703 at bats.

Does ken griffey sr have kids?

Of Course Ken Griffey Jr

What was Ken Griffey Sr nickname?

Ken Griffey Sr. did not have a nickname.

How many World Series rings does Ken Griffey Jr have?

None. Ken Griffey Jr. has never played in the World Series.

How much is a baseball signed by Ken Griffey Sr Ken Griffey Jr and Craig Griffey worth?


Who is better Jim Edmonds or Ken Griffey Jr?

Ken Griffey Jr

How many home runs did ken griffey jr hit in 1998?

Ken Griffey Jr. hit an impressive 56 homers in 1998!

How many times did Ken Griffey Jr win the MVP?

Ken Griffey Jr. won the 1997 American League MVP Award.

How many brothers and sisters did ken griffey jr have?

he had 1 brother which was Craig Griffey.

What was the nickname for Ken Griffey Sr?

JuniorKen Griffey Jr. had the nickname "The Kid"

Who is ken griffey jr's family?

his mom is named Birdie Griffey,dad's name Ken Griffey Sr., and his younger brother name Craig Griffey

How many home runs does Ken Griffey Jr have in March 2009?

Ken Griffey Jr, had 611 career home runs as of March 2009.

How many home run titles did Ken Griffey Jr win?

Ken Griffey Jr, has 4 titles, 1994, 97, 98, & 99.

Is ken griffey jr still alive?

Yes, Ken Griffey jr is still alive

How many shoes does Ken Griffey Jr have with NIKE?


Did Ken Griffey Jr. die?

No ken Griffey Jr did not died yet. On 2010 he get retired

Nicknames for ken griffey jr?

Ken Griffey Jr. has been referred to as "Junior" or the nickname "Kid"

When was Ken Griffey Sr. born?

Ken Griffey Sr. was born on April 10, 1950.

When was Ken Griffey Jr. born?

Ken Griffey Jr. was born on November 21, 1969.

What is ken griffey jr average in 2009?

Ken Griffey Jr. had a .214 batting average in 2009

What sport did Ken Griffey Jr play?

Ken Griffey Jr. was a Major League baseball player.

How many home runs does ken griffey jr have?

Ken Griffey Jr. retired with 630 career home runs, currently sixth on the all-time list.

What is a Ken Griffey Jr 24 karat gold signature card worth?

1500 dollars if its real