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(by several different people, disregard use of I)Don't feed goldfish to Oscars. The stuff left behind after eating live food is pretty nasty. I only fed live food a couple of times per week b/c of the mess and for cost reasons. Also, feeding Oscars live food is a good way to make them sick. If you buy the cheap feeder fish from your local pet store, they are often time diseased. Feeding sick fish to your Oscar will make it sick. Feeder fish, by the way, contain almost no nutritional benefit.

If you do feed live fish goldfish are not the best choice as they are one of the most likely to carry diseases. Livebearers or barbs are better and also more nutritionally suitable.

In my opinion, feeding live fish is unnecessary and perpetuates the mass production of fish that then suffer in pet stores before being fed to a predator. The only time the feeding of live fish is necessary is with newly imported specimens or obligatory piscivores that simply will not accept any other food. Processed foods have been scientifically formulated to provide optimum nutrition and while an occasional treat of live fish is fine, it is much better to use processed food to form the basis of an Oscar's diet.

Instead of live food, feed a quality cichlid pellet or stick, frozen blood worms, veggie disks, small pieces of boiled shrimp and peas. Oscars need a variety of food types. Our Oscar has never had live food and he is healthy, happy and his tank stays much cleaner. His water is crystal clear, and his tank tests all come back perfect. No ammonia, no nitrites, no nitrates, no phosphates. No algae in his tank.

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Q: How many goldfish should you feed an Oscar a day?
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How many times do you feed your goldfish?

You should feed your goldfish as much as they can eat in 2 to 3 minutes twice per day.

How many times should you feed your goldfish?

5 times a day

After how many hours should you feed your goldfish?

wait at least 4-5 hours

How many pellets should you feed your fantail goldfish and how often?

You should feed your fish as much as it can eat in 2-3 minutes twice a day.

How many times to feed a goldfish a day?

On average you should feed your goldfish only what they can eat in about 2 to 3 minutes twice per day. Goldfish are well known to appear hungry all the time, but they are not. The biggest mistake that can be made is overfeeding.

How many times a day should you feed your goldfish?

Usually one or two food pellets a day.

How many pellets do you feed a goldfish?

what you do is you feed it 2 pellets every 3 days that is what my mom told me

How many times a day should you feed your Goldfishes?

for goldfish under 3 inches: 2-3 times a day, goldfish over three inches: 1-2 times daily

How many times a day should you feed your 2 inch Oscar fish?

well you should probably only feed it once or twice a day but if you over feed it. it will cause health problems so just feed it once a day and it should be fine hope i helped.

How many times should goldfish be fed each day?

depends on the size of the fish. I usually feed mine 2 times a day.

What is an Oscar you know it has something to do with goldfish but what is it?

Answer:An Oscar is a type of Cichlid- not a goldfish- many people enjoy having Oscars as pets and some people say they are just as friendly and make just as good a family pet as a dog or cat. Oscars are very aggressive and many people enjoy watching them eat live feeder goldfish- however goldfish do not contain the necessary nutrients needed to keep the Oscar happy and healthy.

How many times do you feed two small goldfish a day?

At least twice.

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