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How many gondolas are on the Farris wheel in Mario supper sluggers?

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how many gondolas are on a ferris wheel

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How many gondolas are on the farris wheel on super Mario galxy 2?

There is not Ferris wheel in SMG2. But if you are talking about Mario Super Sluggers, 6.

How many gondolas are on the Ferris wheel in Super Mario Sluggers for the Wii?

There are six gondolas on the ferris wheel in the video game Super Mario Sluggers. This is a very popular game that was made for the Wii gaming system.

How can you get to Wario in Mario supper sluggers?

DK can climb the plants on the building and smash the crates

How do you play multiple players on Mario supper sluggers?

You simply can't. Sorry for any inconvienence. :(

Is there rosalina in Mario Super Sluggers?

No. there is no rosalina in mario super sluggers but there is in mario kart.

Which is better Mario Super Sluggers or Mario Superstar Baseball?

In Mario Super Sluggers there powers are more awesome than in Mario Superstar Baseball and they have more characters in Mario Super Sluggers so I think Mario Super Sluggers is way better.

Are there other Birdos in Mario Super Sluggers?

In Mario Super Sluggers Wii? No.

When did Mario Super Sluggers happen?

Mario Super Sluggers happened in 2008.

Mario super sluggers?


When was Mario Super Sluggers created?

Mario Super Sluggers was created on 2008-06-19.

Is sonic super sluggers real?

No, but there is a Mario Super Sluggers.

How do you get the Mario super sluggers cards?

I guess they are not showing any Mario super sluggers cards on every character including the Mii!

What game is better Mario super sluggers or wii sports baseball for the wii?

Mario super sluggers since you have more control and variety

Is Rosalina in Mario Super Sluggers?

No she is not, but she is in Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii.

How do you unlock baby DK on Mario Supper Sluggers?

You probably need to use someone's star swing or star pitch in Yoshi Park; probably Waluigi, Peach, or Donkey Kong's.

Players on Marios team in Mario sluggers?

there is no certain team for Mario (they change)

What is better wario land shake it or Mario super sluggers?

wario land shake it gets 88over9000/100 Mario super sluggers gets -100/100

What is the maximum number of stars a star gauge can hold in Mario Super Sluggers?

The star gauge on Mario Super Sluggers can hold a maximum of 5 stars.

Mario Super suggers?

its Mario sluggers and its just Mario baseball just with more fields and characters

What is better Mario super sluggers or wario land shake it?

Mario Super Sluggers is better. You can use almost all Mario characters, including old ones from Superstar Baseball, and have day/night stadiums.

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