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How many gossip stones are there in the ocarina of time?


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A lot, hidden in secret places!


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You can get fairies out of Gossip Stones by playing Zelda's Lullaby in front of them.

when you put it on you can talk to the gossip stones by hitting them with your sword

The Treasure Chest in Ocarina of Time made of gold and precious stones.

grab the ocarina that zelda threw and go to the temple of time where you can get the master sword

You wear it and the Gossip Stones around Hyrule/Termina will tell you secrets or advice. The Gossip Stones are the bouncy things that tell you the time when you smack them.

There are 100 Skulltila in Ocarina of Time.

After you get all three spiritual stones, obtain the Ocarina of Time, learn the song of time, play it at the temple of time, and pull the blade of evils bane.

The ocarina of time was handed down from generation to generation of the royal family of Hyrule. No one is sure of its origin but it is believe it was made from time-shift stones.

by getting the master sword after you nabbed the spiritual stones.

You collect the 3 spritual stones and go to the temple of time and pull it out

after you get all of the spirit stones, place them in the temple, and pull the sword.

Two, fairy ocarina you get as a child by Saria, and the Ocarina of time you get from Princess Zelda

After beating the first dungeon The Great Deku Tree, you are given the Fairy Ocarina from Saria to start you in the game. When you finish collecting the three spiritual stones from the 3 dungeon as a child, go towards the Temple of the time and then a cut scene will automatically start, only after then you will get the Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time costs 1000 Wii points

You get the first ocarina from Saria. She gives it to you after you beat the Deku Tree dungeon and go to Hyrule Field. You get the Ocarina of Time from Princess Zelda once you get the 3 spiritual stones and open the Temple of Time. She will drop it in the moat and then you you have to jump in and grab it.

I'm guessing your talking about the gossip stones. Well Gossip Stones are used for two things the time and of course gossip. You need to complete the happy mask sales man's side quests in order to get the mask of truth. The side missions are simple sell masks. The first mask you sell to the guard in front of Death Mountain. The second sell to the lone skull kid inside the lost woods. The third sell to the kid in the graveyard. And the fourth sell to the postman running around Hyrule field.

There is no such thing as a shovel in Ocarina of Time.

Shadow gauntlets are not in ocarina of time.

The rock people in Ocarina of Time are Gorgons.

The Ocarina of Time is the blue one, the Fairy Ocarina is the pinkish one.

Pull the master sword after getting the 3 spiritual stones, or doing the DoT skip glitch.

no, the ocarina of time does not need the expansion pack.

You never meet Zelda's father in Ocarina of Time.

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