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Molar mass of water is 18gmol-1. so there are 13.5 grams.

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The answer is 13,5 g.

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Q: How many grams are in 0.75 moles of water?
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How many grams are in 75 centigrams?


75 grams is how many kilograms?

1000 grams = 1 kilogram 75 grams = .075 kilograms

How many ml is 075 mcg?

If 075 mcg is 0,075 microgram and the liquid is water the voume is 0,075 microlitres.

What is the pH of a solution prepared by diluting 3.0 ml of 2.5 M HCl to a final volume of 100mL with water?

.003 L HCL * 2.5 moles HCL/1L = .0075 moles HCL .0075 moles HCL/ .1 L HCL = .075 M HCL = .075 M H3O+ pH = -log[H3O+] pH = -log[.075] = 1.12 this of course is not adjusted for activities of the ions in solution, but it would be very close to this value.

What is the final concentration if 75.0ml of a 1 M glucose solution is diluted to a volume of 400 mL for a patient?

A 1 mole glucose solution means that there would be 1 mol/liter. There is only .075 liters, so there is only .075 moles present. .075 moles in 400 milliliters is a .075 to .4 ratio. By expanding the ratio, it is found that there are .1875 moles to 1 liter, making the final concentration 0.1875 M.

How many atoms are in 0.075 moles of titanium?

For this problem, the atomic mass is not required. Take the mass in moles and multiply it by Avogadro's constant, 6.02 × 1023. Divide by one mole for the units to cancel..075 moles Ti × (6.02 × 1023 atoms) = 4.52 × 1022atoms

About how many glasses of water does 1 person drink in a lifetime?

93, 075 If that person lived to be 85.

How many inches in .075?

75m = 2952.73391 inches

How many inches in 075 meter?

75m = 2952.73391 inches

Convert 7.5 cents into decimals.?

i think its $ 0.075

Which is more 125mg or 075 mg?

125 is more than 075, so 125 mg is more than 075 mg.

How many g in 75 mg?

75 mg = .075 g.

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