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How many grams are in half a cup of cat food?

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There is 45 grams in half a cup of cat food. There is 65 grams in 3/4 of a cup of cat food and 5.4 kilograms in 12 lbs of cat food.


Mass and volume are different notions and the units are not compatible. You need to know the density of the material to evaluate the mass because: mass = volume x density.

Also many types of cups exist through the damned non-SI units !

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How many sachets of cat food do you feed a cat?

Usually you feed a cat half or a quarter of a can a day.some cats will only eat dry food in that case you should give then half a cup.

How many cups is sixty grams of cat food?

Need to know the brand and type (canned, semi-moist, dry) of cat food to answer this question.

Is a half a can of wet cat food twice a day enough?

A cat needs 150 grams wet food in morning and evening thats 300grams per day.preferably grain free that means no rice,wheat or corn

How many cats can you feed if you get three fourths of cat food and sixteen and one half of cat food?

Unfortunately this cannot be answered. Three fourths of what unit? A pound? A ton? Sixteen and one half what? Ounces? Carloads?

How many grams are in a cat?

3 kg

How many grams does a cat weigh?


What cat food should you feed your two year old cat?

A grain free wet food with no rice,wheat,corn or digest feed 150 grams in morning and evening thats 300 grams per day

How much food should a 12 lb cat eat?

About half a cup of dry food.

Is a cat greater in grams or the same cat in kilograms?

it is grater in grams... :-)

What does 100 gm of dry cat food equate to in cups?

100 grams of dry cat food would be eqivelant to 5 ounces which would be 5/8 of a cup.

How many ants equals a cat?

16,666,666.66666666666667 ants for a 10 pound cat. If the ant .0003 grams.

how much shall I feed my cat?


Where can on buy the best cat food for your cat?

Cat food can be purchased in many varieties at the grocery store. For the best cat food, it is often best to use an online recipe and prepare the food using fresh ingredients.

What is th average mass of a cat in grams?

The average mass of a cat is 5,000 grams.

Can a cat be measured in grams or kilograms?


How much cat food is a serving for a small cat?

One-third (1/3) to a half (1/2) a can of wet food, or 1/2 cup to 3/4 of a cup of dry food.

Is a cat higher maintenance then a dog?

if its an inside cat yes because you half to change it liter box and provide food and water.

How many grams in one tom?

The mass of an average cat (male) is around 5 kilograms = 5,000 grams

What is the name of the half human-half cat?

the name of a half human half cat is a Neko.

How many pounds of food does a cat eat monthly?

This really depends on the quality of the food the cat is fed on, also how much food the cat eats in a day (the lower quality the food, the more the cat will eat). For a cat fed on a premium-quality wet cat food, it would probably eat approximately 15lbs of food per month.

What is special about Hermiones cat crookshanks?

Hermione's cat is half cat half kneazle.

What is the name of the creature half man half cat?

Thunder Cat no its a man cat

How many ways can you spell cat food?

doof tac, cat food, act fdoo and atc doof.

What breed of cat was Crookshanks?

Half cat, half Kneazle.

What is a half Persian cat?

Half Persian & Half Human it's an Eygyptian Cat