How many grams is one cup of sugar?

If you are asking for a mass measurement of 1 cup raw sugar you will be looking at about 8.8oz and in grams 275g.

You need the density of sugar to make this calculation which for granulated sugar is 52.77 pounds/cubic foot multiply by 453.6 grams/pound multiplied by 8 fluid ounces/cup. Divided this number by 957.5 fluid ounces/cubic foot and you will find that 1 cup equals ~200 grams of sugar. Each type of sugar has a different density (i.e. brown sugar is 58.05 pounds/cubic foot). A common mistake is to treat "ounces" as both volume or mass....they are not the same.

200if it is normal sugar and 220 if it is brown sugar
== == 1 tbs of white sugar equals 12.5 grams / brown sugar packed 13.8 16 tbs in 1 cup 12.5x16=200 grams of white sugar in 1 cup

13.8x16= 220.8 grams of brown sugar in 1 cup

You may think that one cup of anything is the same in grams because 1 cup is 8 ounces. But the 8 oz in a cup is 8 fluid ounces, and that is a measurement of volume.

To get the mass of a cup of sugar, you need to know the density of the sugar. Volume*Density = Mass. Since different kinds of sugar have different densities, the mass of one cup of sugar varies.

Here are some common conversions using a US Cup

1 cup of confectioner's sugar : 110 g
1 cup of white sugar : 110g
1 cup brown sugar : (packed) 200g, (unpacked) 160g
1 cup of granulated sugar: 225 g
200 grams

Approximately 230 grams.

Approximately 230 grams.