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Q: How many grams of KCl is needed to make 2 molar solution in 1 liter of water?
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How many grams of hydrochloric acid are needed to make a solution of 2 molar?

HCl has a molar mass of 36.461 grams per mole. This means that 72.922 grams of HCl are needed per liter of water to make a solution that has a concentration of 2M.

Potassium fluoride (KF a salt has a molecular weight of 58.10 grams. How many grams would be needed to make 1.0 liter of 5.0 molar salt solution?

290 grams

How many grams do you need to make 3 molar solution of KBr in 1 liter of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution 3 M KBr = moles KBr/1 liter = 3 moles KBr (119 grams/1 mole KBr) = 357 grams needed

How many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500 ml volume of a .5 molar solution?

how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

How do you prepare 0.5 molar solution of H2SO4?

H2SO4 has a molar mass of 98.1 grams per mole. To prepare a 0.5 M solution, add 49.05 grams of sulfuric acid per liter of water.

What are the moles per liter of solution?

The moles per liter of solution are called molarity or molar concentration. One mole per liter is equivalent to one molar.

How many grams of sodium fluoride are needed to make 6.3 liters of a 3.6 molar solution?

I suppose that this solution doesn't exist.

What is the molar mass of a solution containing 2000 grams?

Only a compound has a molar mass not a solution.

How many grams of Glucose molecular formula C6O6H12 should you dissolve in 1 liter of water to get 1 molar solution?


How do you prepare 0.1n hypona2s2o4?

Let me translate the question: I think you are asking how to make a 0.1 molar solution of Na2S2O4. Molarity is moles of solute divided by liters of solution. To make this easy, let's assume you want to make one liter of the solution. That means you need to dissolve in 0.1 moles of Na2S2O4 into one liter of water to make a 0.1 molar solution. The formula weight of Na2S2O4 is 174.1 grams per mole so 0.1 moles of it is 17.41 grams. Therefore you would need to dissolve 17.41 grams of Na2S2O4 into one liter of water to make a 0.1 molar solution.

What is the molor concentration of a solution which contains 55 grams of magnesium oxide in 2.5 leter of solution?

0.9051 moles Mg per liter of solution. Molarity is the amount of moles per liter of solution. So just divide the number of grams of Mg by its molar mass then divide that by the number of liters

How many grams of NaOH are needed to prepare 250 mL of 0.205 M NaOH?

A 0.205 M solution will have 0.205 moles per liter. 250 milliliters is 1/4 of a liter, so in that sample, there will be 0.05125 moles. NaOH has a molar mass of 39.9971 grams per mole, so 2.05 grams added to 250 mL of water will make the desired solution.

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