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How many grams of NaCl are needed to make an NaCl solution?

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It depends how strong a solution you want to make.

The molecular mass of NaCl is 58.44, so for a 1 molar solution you would dissolve 58.44 grams in water and make the volume up to 1 litre.

For a 0.1 mol solution you'd take 5.844g to a litre, and a 2 mol solution you'd take 116.88g to a litre of water.

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If your solution is a total of 414g and 3.06% of it needs to be NaCl, then you just take 414 x .0306 = grams of NaCl. The rest of the grams will be from other species in the solution.

Use liters to match other units. So. 100 ml = 0.1 liters Molarity = moles of solute/ volume ( liters in this case ) of solution 1 M NaCl = moles NaCl/0.1 liters = 0.1 moles NaCl (58.44 grams/1 mole NaCl) = 5.844 grams of NaCl needed to make solution.

The Molecular Weight of NaCl = 58.5 So to make 1L of 4M NaCl solution you need 4*58.5=234g of NaCl So to make 100mL of the above solution you need 23.4 grams of NaCl

The concentration is not specified in your question !

Moles of NaCl=6*3=18mol Mass needed=[35.5+23]*18=1053g

[117(g NaCl) / 58.5(g NaCl/mol NaCl)] / 40.0(L solution) = [117/58.5]/40.0 = 2.00(mol NaCl) / 40.0(L) = 0.0500 mol NaCl / L solution = 0.0500 M

It depends on the final solution Volume you want to prepare. For 100ml of a 6M NaCL solution, you add 35.1g of NaCl to water until you reach 100ml. Dissolve and autoclave for 15 mins.

Divide grams (mass) by molar mass to find moles58.44 (g NaCl/L) / [22.99+35.45](g NaCl/mol NaCl)= 1.000 mol/L NaCl

how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

HCl has a molar mass of 36.461 grams per mole. This means that 72.922 grams of HCl are needed per liter of water to make a solution that has a concentration of 2M.

58 grams of NaCl in cylinder measure water to 100ml

0.5 M means 0.5 moles per liter. so it depends on how many liters of solution that you need.Suppose you want to make 1 liter of solution, then you need 0.5 moles of NaClFrom the Periodic Table:Atomic mass of Sodium (Na) = 22.990 & Atomic Mass of Chlorine (Cl) = 35.453So 1 mole of NaCl = (22.990 + 35.453) grams = 58.443 gramsBased on the 1 liter, we want to add 0.5 moles: (58.443 grams/mole)*(0.5 mole) = 29.2215 g (to make 1 liter of 0.5 M solution)

You need 58,44 g NaCl for 1 L water to make a molar solution.

2.5 g of Nacl is to be dissolve in 100ml of water gives 10ppm of Na solution.

Given: 0.5 g NaCl; 0.05 L of solution.1) Find the molar mass of NaCl.(22.99) + (35.45) = 58.44 g/mol of NaCl2) Convert grams of NaCl to moles of NaCl.(0.5 g NaCl) X (1 mol NaCl / 58.44 g NaCl) = 0.00855578 mol NaCl3) Use the molarity equation, M = mol / L, to solve for molarity (M).(0.00855578 mol NaCl / 0.05 L) = 0.17 M

If we add 1 L of water to 1 L of 2 M NaCl solution will give 2 L of 1 M NaCl solution

You are probably referring to a solution of NaCl and water, in which case NaCl would be the solute. Water would be the solvent, and combined they make the whole solution.

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