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Put 100 grams in a beaker and and around 500 mls of water until it dissolves, then top up the beaker to a liter. That is your 10% solution. The percentage solution is a ratio of the weight of the compound to the weight of the final solution.

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sodium metabisulfite oxidizes best in an alkaline (basic solution). In low pH (2-3) the reaction occurs very slowly or not at all..

The chemical formula of sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3. The chemical formula of sodium metabisulfite is Na2S2O5.

sodium metabisulfite known to be fungicidal when used alone at high concentrations. sodium metabisulfite has potential undesirable side-effects:1) sodium metabisulfite emits sulfur dioxide at acidic pHs creating a potentially toxic atmosphere for humans, they can contribute to acid rain development.2) Residues of sodium sulfite can remain on treated plants. Many people are allergic to sodium sulfite in foods so metabisulfite-containing fungicides should not be applied immediately before harvest.

2NaHSO3 + Br2 + H2O = NaBr + NaOBr + SO2 + H3O+ I am not happy with this answer - you have a positive charge appearing from nowhere. Also NaHSO3 is sodium bisulfite the questioner asked for sodium metabisulfite which is Na2S2O5 . However, sodium metabisulfite in the presence of water does convert to sodium bisulfite Na2S2O5 + H2O = 2NaHSO3 2NaHSO3 + Br2 + H2O = 2NaBr + H2SO4 + H2SO3

You can research this from the links below (While Sodium Metabisulfite has anti browning properties I am not sure that garlic does!)

To get 100g of solution: 10g of sodium thiosulfate + 90g of water.

2.3 percent glucose solution and .3 percent sodium solution

This is a isotonic saline solution.

Potassium metabisulfite, K2S2O5, also known as potassium pyrosulfite, is a white crystalline powder with a pungent sulfur odour. The main use for the chemical is as an antioxidant or chemical sterilant. It is a disulfite and is chemically very similar to sodium metabisulfite, with which it is sometimes used interchangeably. Potassium metabisulfite is generally preferred out of the two as it does not contribute sodium to the diet.

The mass of sodium hypochlorite in 2,5 kg solution is 131,25 g.Sodium chloride is only the product of a decomposition.

This solution is used for the hydration of the organism and also for the equilbration of sodium in blood.

Sodium chloride 0.9 percent and normal saline are not quite the same solution. While they share the same osmolality, sodium chloride contains more salt.

This is the saline solution used in health.

Sodium chloride is needed to precipitate soap from solutions.

This solution contain 6,5 g salt in 1 L solution.

This term means that 47% of the weight of this solution is sodium hydroxide.

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