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How many grams of sugar should a 21-year-old eat daily?

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2006-08-29 19:32:01

The average American/Canadian eats approx. 24 lbs. of sugar a

year! Hard to believe isn't it. It's just not the sugar we notice

we are using, but hidden sugars in our foods such as Ketchup, jams,

soups, etc. If you go to a store read some of the labels on

especially canned goods. Spaghetti sauce usually has sugar. The 3

things that make food taste the best is fat, sugar and salt. Sugar

isn't really a staple (unless baking) and therefore we really don't

need it. You could use honey (good for you) in your coffee/tea,

sweeter fruits on top of your morning cereal or any time of the

day. The artificial sweetener "SPLENDA" is perfectly OK for your

body and tastes just like sugar. If you have a craving for sweets

off and on (we all get those) then have something sweet, but don't

over-do it. Even if slim people can have problems with sugar when

they get older and can get on-set diabetes. Diabetes in

American/Canadian youth is escalating at a rapid rate. Many kids

live on junk foods, quick fix meals and loads of candy and pop. If

you are concerned about your sugar intake then try SPLENDA. I think

you'll really like the taste of it. I use it.

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