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There are 35,000,000 Greeks worldwide.

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Q: How many greek people in the world?
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How many people were in the Peloponnesian War?

Most of the Greek world - from Sicily to the Black Sea.

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GREEK GREEK GREEK Sweden actually. There live many doctors and so on ....

Which is the cleverest race in this world?

GREEK GREEK GREEK Sweden actually. There live many doctors and so on ....

How many greek people are there in the world?

There are about 20,000,000 Greeks in the world on the basis of their ethnicity. Eleven million of them are officially 'Greeks' who live in Greece and have the Greek nationality. An additional three million in the US claim Greek ancestry, as do two million people in Turkey. Add to that an educated guess about every other person of Greek descent who is at least 25% Greek (many countries simply don't keep track) living elsewhere in the world, and "somewhere over twenty million" is a conservative guess.

What changes took place in the greek world during the dark age?

Many people lost the ability to read and write.

What is the Greek population in Melbourne?

There are about 151, 784 people who are Greek in Melbourne. They have the largest Greek population of anywhere in the world except Greece.

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Greek yogurt has a more of a bitter taste to it than regular yogurt. Many people really like the taste of Greek yogurt but there are many more people that donÕt like it.

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how many people are there in the world

Why would Greek people make up gods?

To explain the world around them.

Why is the greek god ares dangerous?

he killed many people

What is the meaning of the Greek linguistic roots of 'democracy'?

In Greek, democracy literally means people by people, like the common saying 'for the people by the people'. Greece was first in the world to have a democracy and is called "the cradle of democracy.

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