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I imagine you mean how many groups of verbs there are in French? N'est-ce pas? The answer is three.

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Q: How many groups of infinitives do the french have?
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Are all words that end in ar er and ir infinitives?

No, not even in French, where there are Infinitives that end in -IR and -ER, but not in -AR.

What is screaming in French?

If your wondering how to say 'screaming' in French its, "Cri" or "Hurlement". However you have to put these infinitives in the correct tense.

What is a false statement about split infinitives?

Because so many people consider split infinitives acceptable, it's OK to use them in business writing.

When was Twin Infinitives created?

Twin Infinitives was created in 1919-10.

In French do object pronouns come before infinitives?

Yes, they do. For example: 'Je voudrais vous donner un cadeau.'

Which syllable is always stressed in Spanish infinitives?

The FINAL syllable is always stressed in Spanish infinitives.

What is a present infinitive?

Infinitives are to + base form of a verb. For example, to run is an infinitive. Infinitives do not inflect for tense.

Who are the french freedom fighters?

The Maquis among many other groups.

What are the kinds of infinitives?

we have four kind

Words for which pronouns stand are?


What is 'to compose' when translated from English to French?

Composer for music, constituer, and rédigerfor writing are literal French equivalents of the English phrase "to compose." The respective pronunciations of the present infinitives will be "ko-po-zey," ko-stee-twey," and "rey-dee-zhey" in French.

Can we use the word Worth with To infinitives as worth to read. Would you please explain why To infinitives is improper usage?

You would say "worth reading"