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up to three if he or she is lucky

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How many growth spurts does a boy experience in his teen years?

A boy can experience more than three growth spurts during his teen years.

How many growth spurts do you have?


How many growth spurts do boys get?


How long do growth spurts last?

Growth spurts last for about 10 billion years

How many growth spurts do girls have?

about.... 2 or 3 times

What causes stretch marks on a 14 yr old boy?

Weight gain or loss, or growth spurts.

How long do growth spurts last during puberty?

The average for a boy is around 2-3 years

Do girls get growth spurts?

Yes! Men and women both experience growth spurts. They can long, short or in-between.

When does growth spurt happen for boys?

It usually depends once a boy hits puberty they tend to have a growth spurt and some growth spurts happen at the most uncommon times they can grow until there up to 20live years old but normally they will have most growth spurts between 13 to 18

When does growth spurts happen for boys?

The growth spurts begin once puberty is reached and usually around 14 - 18.

How many growth spurts can a kid have before reaching full height?

about 4

How many growth spurts is a an average girl supposed to have?

Around two or three, that's how many I had!

What causes growth spurts?

growing up

Can you have growth spurts at 25 years old?


Do you have more than two growth spurts in your life?

It depends on the person. Most girls have two growths spurts (one in their early teens and one in their late teens). On the other hand, boys tend to have many growth spurts, some lasting in their early twenties! But again, everyone is different.

Is there a way to cure people with growth spurts?

no they will die

How do yo get growth spurts?

wait. they come randomly.

Which part of the brain controls growth spurts?


When do babies go through growth spurts?

There is a big relation between sleep and growth spurts. Dr Lampl, from Emory University in Atlanta has proven it. Babies have a growth spurts during the sleep and in the early ages of their live. source:"

When do girls go through growth spurts?

at the age of 10

How much growth spurts does an average person have?

ask your doctor

Can you have more than one growth spurt?

Yes, most people have a series of growth spurts.

What causes pain throbbing in the legs and joints of the legs on a 10 year old boy?

Growth spurts. Eat some potassium and it'll go away.

Why are teenagers often hungrier than their parents?

Teenagers are still experiencing growth spurts, which require many calories.

How much does a 14 year old boy grow in a year?

A boy will have one of his largest growth spurts between the ages of 12 and 15. He may grow several inches a year during this time.

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