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How many guppies should you have if you are a beginner?


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Well, I am a trained guppy professional and i will tell you what you need to know. First you should start out with 30 guppies and decide if you like to have that much. Second, you kill them and wonder what you have done wrong..... but you will still have a little left over.Then you overlook all the guppies and choose 2. You then separate your 2 best fish from the other 27 and put them in a bag full of water(separate). Sell your guppies for 50 cents each and then you will have some money. Now you got your 2 best fish left, mate them and you will have about 30 guppies,start the process all over again. YOU WILL GAIN A LOT OF MONEY DOING SO....... TRUST ME



as many as you desire. but keep a ratio of 1 male to every 3 females, so theres no tail nipping

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Guppies are an incredibly hardy tropical fish which makes them excellent for beginner fish hobbyists. They are also quite easy to breed and they come in many beautiful colours.

How big are the two tanks, and how many guppies do you have

Fish that have long, wavy fins should not be put with guppies, because guppies will nibble their long fins. Also, many bigger fish will eat guppies. Keep a separate tank with guppies and a few "cleaner" fish, which do not harm guppies.

If the goldfish is big enough and the guppies small enough, yes the guppies could well be eaten by the goldfish. Also, guppies should never be with guppies are guppies are tropical fish and goldfish are coldwater fish.

You do not say if the guppies are common guppies or fancy, also how many male and female guppies you have, yes as far as the snails and guppies go, one point to remember is the tank water should be above 72 degrees and some live floating plants for the guppies too hide in.

Guppies are tropical fish and should not be kept any colder than 65F. If your outside temperatures don't go below that then your guppies should be OK outside,

20 guppies in 8 gallon.

I'm not sure but some people say you should or the baby guppies will breed.

open your mouth and talk about guppies. oh and you should do some research on google.

No; guppies are tropical freshwater fish and should be kept at a temperature of 77-82F.

supposedly an inch of fish equals one gallon. So if you have a 5 gallon tank, you should have 5 guppies. But of course you can overstock a little bit...

If you wish to keep guppies you should read and follow the basic rules of successfull fishkeeping which are :- 1 inch of fish needs at least 1 gallon of water. :- Every tank needs a permanently running cycled filter. :- Every tank needs at least 50% of its water replaced every week. Guppies are tropical so they will need a heater/thermostat and a thermometer. They should be kept at around 70F. If you follow the above guidelines your fish should do OK. If you miss out on any of the above I can guarantee that your fish will be constantly getting sick and they will live shortened lifespans.

Koi are coldwater fish and Guppies are tropical fish so they should never be together. The question should never occur.

Guppies are livebearers many species of shark are also livebearers.

Guppies like around 70F. Neons like around 80F.

They should never be together because Goldfish are coldwater fish and guppies are tropical fish.

Guppies are tropical fish and should be kept around 70F to 75F.

Guppies typically shouldn't react to lights unless they are extremely bright and should not be used.

between 12 to 14 seconds is good for a beginner

Angelfish will eat all the guppies. If you have guppies, they can live really well with neon tetras and platys.

I would say that about 10-15 guppies per gallon.

You should wait until the baby guppies seem to be big enough.

*EDIT BY AUTHOR* I'm a beginner and I'm getting 5 guppies. So should I get 1 male and 4 females or 2 males and 3 females?? I don't mind if I have a lot of babies, I'm giving them to good homes anyway. Short answer. Dont get five. Long Answer: You should always have 2 or three females to males. So I would recommend getting six. Do you know how to raise and birth fry? Or how to take care of them? These are important questions if you are getting different genders. Best of luck to you.

For a beginner you should use golf shoes that have plastic or rubber cleats on the botom. Metal cleats should be for advanced players.

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