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Approximately 450

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Who is the Hardy Boys author?

The printed author of the Hardy Boys books is Franklin W. Dixon.

How many Hardy Boys books have been released?

There are 66 Hardy Boys books in all.

What are the books of hardy boys?

The have been a total of 452 books containing the Hardy Boys. From the original series of the Hardy Boys there are 58 books. Going further to digest books and then crossovers and spin offs. Obviously the list is far too extensive to list on here, so I have added a source link at the bottom containing all 452 titles.

Who writes the hardy boys books?

There are many people who write Hardy Boys books.Franklin W. Dixon is a ghost writer. Edward Stratemeyer created the Hardy Boys. or did he?????????????/

Why is Nancy Drew more famous than Hardy Boys?

Actually, The Hardy Boys are more famous. They are read a lot and there are more books in the Hardy Boys series.

What is the book hardy boys all about?

mysteries The Hardy Boys is actually a series of books - all about teen detectives, brothers Frank and Joe Hardy.

What is the genre for the Hardy Boys books?

The Hardy boys series were a mixture of adventure and mystery the same as Nancy Drew for girls.

Where does the book hardy boys take place?

There are over 400 Hardy Boys books out there. But most of them are set in their hometown Bayport.

Do the hardy boys and Nancy drew bookes have a connection?

Both series were created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a children's book packager which also created the the Bobbsey Twins, Rover Boys, and Tom Swift series. The printed authors for all of these series are pseudonyms (fake names used by many authors). There have been two ND/HB crossover series: The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series produced 36 books from 1988 to 1998, and the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery series, which has produced four books since 2007.

When did the hardy boys books start?

They were first introduced in 1927.

Who is the author of the Hardy Boys?

The printed author of the Hardy Boys books is Franklin W. Dixon. However, this is just a pseudonym (a fake name of an author). In fact, the Hardy Boys books were written by various authors. Edward Stratemeyer actually created the characters (using the pseudonym so as not to embarass his family if the books bombed). Since his death, the series and team of authors was carried on by his daughter. By the way, the same goes for the Nancy Drew books which were also created by Edward Stratemeyer under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Who wrote the hardy boys case file?

Like the rest of the Hardy Boys books, the CaseFiles are not written by one author, but rather a team. Different authors anonymously wrote different books within the series.

Are Nancy drew books fiction?

They are Fiction books, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are fictional characters.

When was the hardy boys written?

The first Hardy Boys book, the Tower Treasure, was originally published in 1927. New Hardy Boys books in various sub-series (older sub-series include originals, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mysteries, Casefiles, etc.) are still published today.

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