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How many headaches does the average person get?

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You get about 150 Headaches

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What is a major cause of headaches?

There are many different cause of headaches. There is no one major cause, because it depends on each person. Tension, pressure and poor diet could be attributed to headaches.

Will Mountain Dew give you headaches?

Depends on the person. It gives me headaches.

What is the medical term for everyday headaches?

There are many terms that describers everyday headaches. Some of them are tension headaches, chronic daily headaches, persistence headaches and many more.

How many digits dose the average person have?

The average person has six digits.

How many eyelashes does the average person have?

About 100-150 eyelashes on an average person.

Can pinched nerves cause chronic headaches?

Yes, they can. You need to see a neurologist so he can see just what is causing your headaches (if you, in fact, are the person with the headaches)...

How many dogs does an average person own?

The average person owns one dog.

How many liters of blood an average person has?

The average person has five liters of blood.

How many piercings does the average person have?

The average person usually has two piercings; their ears.

How many batteries does the average person buy a year?

the average person uses about 4_5 a day

How many words does an average person speak in their lifetime?

The average person, in an average lifetime, speaks 370,110,001.3 words on average, averagely speaking.

How many hairs does an average person have?

Average is 140,000 to 160,000.

How many tattoos does the average person get a year?

The average person gets zero tattoos per year.

How many milligrams of caffeine should an average person have a day?

There is no need for an average person to have any caffeine.

How many steps should an average person take in a day?

The minimum recommended for the average person is 10,000.

Can an STD cause headaches?

A person with an STD may experience headaches, but typically they would not be the only sign of STDs. Talk with your health care provider about your headaches, and ask to be screened for STDs if you have concerns.

How many fingers does a person have?

An average person has 10 fingers.10

How many jobs will the average person hold in a lifetime?

The average person will work 5-15 jobs in a lifetime.

How many words per minute can an average person read?

the average person can read 244 words a minute.

How many times does the average person poo a day?

the average person poops 1-2 times a day.

How many hours does the average person sleep a night?

The average person sleeps about 4-10 hours a night.

How many cans of soda does the average person drink?

The average person drinks 2,500,000 cans of soda in a lifetime

How many fingers does the average person have?

The average person has ten fingers, five on each hand. At least that is what we say. Actually, the average person has eight fingers and two thumbs.

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