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64.752 hectares in a quarter

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Since a quarter section of land is 160 acres, and 1 acre = 0.404 hectares, then 1 quarter section is equivalent to 64.78 hectares of land.

quarter sector or 65 hectares or quarter sector section or one-quarter section

Any quarter section is comprised of 160 acres.

a quarter mile by half mile

You haven't said a 'quarter' of what. If it's a quarter section, then there are 160 acres in it.

Assuming that there is nothing strange going on (e.g. sloppy surveying) there are 40 acres in the quarter-quarter section.

1 quarter of a mile square. Each section is 1 mile square so a quarter section is 1/4 mile square.

0.25 hectares or 2500 sq metres.

0.25 acre = 0.10117141056 of a hectare, or a little more than 1/10th of a hectare.

150000 in hectares = 15 hectares

A quarter section of "anything" is one forth of the whole.

41,43 million hectares

1 Acre is 0.405 Hectares

Exactly 258.998811 hectares

200,000m2 equates to 20 hectares.

Metro Cebu has 74,209 hectares..

916 192 300 hectares, but hectares is a measurment that is already squared.

A 'quarter section', one quarter of a square mile, is 160 acres.

How many hectares is found in 20 acres?

It depends on how the quarter section gets subdivided by the developer. Lot size in the US can be as small as one quarter of an acre, or as large as 10 acres. Since a quarter section is 160 acres (assuming there are no correction lines nearby), there are somewhere between 16 and 640 lots in it.

Since 1 acre = 0.404 hectares, then 72 acres = 29.088 hectares.

Answer: 5 acres = 2.02342 hectares

There are about 50.000 acres in 2.000 hectares

Answer: 5.5 acres = 2.22577 hectares