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How many hits?


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can i throw in your face before your teeth are knocked out? 1. hahaha!!

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They had 103 hits and 51 no.1 hits.

he has had aleast 81 hits and he had 94 total with hits and non-hits

Hits has one syllable.

A-rod had 166 hits in 2006.

He had 114 top 40 hits

i think that they have alot of hits for there music

Over the length of baseball there have been millions of hits.

Mickey had 2,415 hits in his career.

Roberto Clemente had 3,000 career hits.

Mickey Mantle ended his career with 2,415 hits.

Hank Aaron had 3,771 career hits.

Roberto Clemente finished his career with 3,000 hits.

286 sixes hits sachin in ODI .

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As a group, they had 10 top forty hits from 1971-1975

Approx 25000 hits arabian spar get in a day

More Than 90,000 Hits Per Day.

McFly have seven number one hits.

Lou Gehrig had 2,721 career hits.

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