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How many hits can you get in one half inning without scoring a run?

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My son heard me read this question out loud and immediately piped up with six. Then he said five and went back to say six again. He is not 100% certain, but would love to hear from others on what they think is the correct answer. OK, Crystal. My pipes are warmed up and ready to go. The answer would be 6 and here is one scenario: First batter hits a triple and is thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run. No runners on and one out. Second batter hits a triple and is thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run. No runners on and two outs. Third batter hits a single. Runner on first and two outs. Fourth batter hits a single. Runners on first and second and two outs. Fifth batter hits a single. Bases loaded and two outs. Sixth batter hits a ball that strikes one of the runners. The runner is declared out and the batter is credited with a single. Six hits, no runs.

2006-08-24 12:55:41
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What is the most hits a team can get in 1 inning without scoring a run?


What is most number of hits by a team with no runs scored in 9 innings?

i believe it is 27 because the most hits you can score in one inning without scoring is 3. 3 multiplied by 9 is 27 so 27

Most hits in a game without scoring any runs?

13 times, a team has gotten shut out on 13 hits

How many hits can you get in a inning without scoring a run?

3 hits to load bases followed by 2 pick off outs. Then 2 more hits to re-load bases equals five total. The 6th hit comes when a hit ball then hits a runner. The runner is called out but the batter gets credited with a hit.

What is the MLB record for most hits in one innning?

on April 18th, 2009 the Cleveland Indians set a major league record scoring 14 runs in one inning.[2nd inning]

What is the most hits in a major league inning by one team without scoring a run?

I don't know what the actual answer is, but I say 6 hits without scoring a run is theoretically possible: three hits to load the bases, two fielder's choice outs of the lead runners, then two more singles to load the bases again. Then the 6th hit would be a batted ball into a baserunner. The baserunner would be the 3rd out and the batter is credited with a hit. Or the 6th hit could be, although unlikely, an infield hit where there's an attempted putout at 1st, then the batter rounds 1st in attempt to go to 2nd and is immediately tagged out before the run crosses the plate.

How many possible hits can a team have in a 9 inning game without scoring a run?

This must be from the guy who asks how may ways a batter can score from third without a hit. 45 is the answer. Example. First batter singles. Second batter hits into a double play. Next three batters all have infield singles to load the bases. Sixth batter's ground ball strikes the base runner going from 1st-2nd. The batter is out, the ball is dead runners may not advance and the batter gets credited with a base hit. So ... five hits in the inning. The team plays eight more that go the same way. 9x5=45.

What is Scoring rule when batted ball hits umpire?

If it hits the umpire behind home plate, it is a foul ball. If it hits a field umpire who is in bounds, then it is a live ball, meaning that the batter might be thrown out at first, or he might reach first base safely (and then this would be scored as a hit without an error),

What is an attacker in volleyball?

An attacker is the one who hits or spikes the ball with the intention of scoring a point for their team.

How many hits can you get in one inning without scoring a run?

The answer is six. Load the bases with 3 singles (3) single up the middle, runner thrown out at home 3 times in a row. (6) The answer is six, but not in the manner listed above, which are actually 3 fielders choices. The real answer is: 2 singles to start the inning. Runners at first and second. 2 more singles with the lead runner thrown out at home. First and second, two out. 1 more single to load the bases. Bases loaded, two out. The sixth batter hits a ball that hits one of the runners. The runner is the third out, and the batter is credited with a single.

Is the ball fair or foul if it hits a base?

I depends. If it hits the half closer to the mount, it's safe. If it hits the half toward the stands, it's out.

How can a team have 3 triples 1 double 2 singles and 2 stolen bases in one half inning without scoring any runs?

1st batter hits a ball to the outfield and is out at home trying to score. 2nd batter does the same thing. 3rd batter hits a double, 4th batter hits an infield single but the man on second is held at 2nd base, With 5th batter at bat the men on base pull off a double steal advancing to 2nd and 3rd base. the 5th batter also hits an infield single and the runners hold. Bases loaded. The 6th batter hits a long ball to the outfield, men on base advance toward home but in the jubulation they fail to touch home and await the 6th batter,who touches 3rd base and steps on home plate before the other base runners do and in then called out for passing the runners on the base. He is created with a triple and called out. 3 outs and the 1/2 inning is over.

MLB 9 inning game with the most hits?

According to, the team with the most hits in a single MLB game was Cleveland in 1932. They had 33 hits in an 18 inning game vs. Philadelphia. The most hits in a 9-inning game was in 1992 by Milwaukee against the Toronto Blue Jays, in which they had 31 hits and beat the Blue Jays 22-2.

Who are the players to have 3 hits in same inning?


How many hits and runs make an inning in baseball?

It doesnt matter how many hits or runs the team gets what matters when the team gets the 3 out is the end of the inning

Whats the difference between rally scoring and rally score?

rally scoring and rally score are the same thing. rally score is when you award a point each time whether a serve is missed or an ace or the ball hits the ground.

What does a soccer goal sound like when the ball hits the back of the net?

The only sound you will hear when the ball hits the back of the net in soccer is the deafening cheer from the supporters of the scoring team.

Most hits by an MLB team?

33 hits by Cleveland against Philadelphia in 18-inning game

What player made the most hits in one inning?


How many hits must a team get in an inning to guarantee they will score at least one run?

Anywhere from zero to four. Zero=all walks to four=all singles The answer is seven. Though it's highly unlikely it will ever occur, it's possible to get six hits in an inning without scoring a run. Here's how it's done. The bases are loaded on three hits, then two runners are put out on the basepaths somehow. The bases are reloaded on two more hits. The sixth batter must then hit a ball that strikes one of the runners before the fielder can make a play. Under the rules, he would get credit for a hit, but the runner would be out and the team would not score. The answer of seven can't be right either. The reason is because if the sixth batter hit a base runner with a batted ball the inning would be over because of the third out. So six would have to be the most hits to get in a run 99.9 percent of the time. I guess there is no real guarantee.

Most hits by 1 player in same inning of baseball?

Five players have recorded 3 hits in a single inning. Tom Burns, Fred Pfeffer and Ned Williamson, all of the Chicago White Stockings, recorded 3 hits each in a single inning on September 6th, 1883. Gene Stephens, of the Boston Red Sox, recorded 3 hits in a single inning on June 18th, 1953. Johnny Damon, of the Boston Red Sox, recorded 3 hits in the 1st inning on June 27th, 2003, in a game against the Florida Marlins at Fenway Park.

With a runner on 3b and 2 outs a pop foul ball is dropped by a fielder and the next pitch is singled scoring the runner at third. Is the run earned?

No, it is not an earned run. From the offical Major League Rule Book: Rule 10.16(a) Comment: The following are examples of earned runs charged to a pitcher: (1) Peter pitches and retires Abel and Baker, the first two batters of an inning. Charlie reaches first base on an error charged to a fielder. Daniel hits a home run. Edward hits a home run. Peter retires Frank to end the inning. Three runs have scored, but no earned runs are charged to Peter, because Charlie should have been the third out of the inning as resconstructed without the error.

How do you score in baseball pass?

If the ball gets passed the fielder then its scored as a hit . If the fielder gets hit or hits the ball the scoring tends to be a hit but it can be called an error ... The scoring in a Baseball game is up to the home Field score keeper ...

Why is the moon splitting in half?

half of the moon is behind earth so the sun hits the other half to make that half visible, understand

What mlb player has the most hits in a single game?

Well, many players have the record. There is atleast a 20-way tie for hits in the AL for a 9 inning game, most recently by Ian Kinsler in 2009, which 6 hits. The NL is a 2 way tie for hits in a 9 inning game at 7. Johnny Burnett holds the all time record for hits in an extra innings game, getting 9 hits in an 18 inning game for the Indians in 1932